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Higgs-mass predictions

In 2007, Thomas Schücker wrote an amusing simple preprint that collects dozens of predictions for the Higgs boson masses:

Higgs-mass predictions (PDF)
Its v5 version was just posted. The guesses go from 109+-12 GeV to 760+-21 GeV, plus two unconventional theories with 1900 GeV and 10^{18} GeV.

Well, I think that there are so many comparably likely models - most of which contain continuous parameters whose values aren't calculable right now - that the whole interval is covered almost uniformly. But yes, I do think it's more likely than not that the Higgs boson mass is between 114 GeV and 130 GeV.

Once the Higgs is discovered, which may take a year or years, you can check whether the mass helps you to find the very right model. However, I doubt that the right one actually appears in this "yellow book" which has been compiled in a somewhat chaotic fashion. ;-)

Of course, most of the models that are included are supersymmetric which is good but it's far from enough for them to be right.

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reader Mitchell said...

The paper omits the prediction made by season 4 of the Canadian TV series LEXX, that the mass is 131.313... GeV. :-)

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