Sunday, March 21, 2010

Iyad Allawi apparently won in Iraq

Count me as an Iyad Allawi fan.

It seems that he has won the Iraqi elections - by a few thousand votes - and the central committee has rejected al-Maliki's requests for a recount.

I am convinced that if I were an Iraqi, I would be his voter. He is a guy with some international experience - yet he is clearly a patriot who seems proud about his funny accent in English, too. ;-)

A Shiite who is popular among the Sunnis because he wants to create a secular, non-sectarian Iraq, Allawi can boast some extraordinary courage from his bloody encounters with his ex-ally Saddam Hussain. Neurobiologist Allawi surely brings something from a modern hi-tech world to Iraq that I can identify with - a pleasant change in the exotic Arab world that tends to scare me (at least away from the tourist centers near beaches).

The media are no longer hysterically trying to paint the situation in Iraq as a disaster - because such mostly fabricated news no longer hurt George Bush. So once again, we're free to say that Iraq is getting much better. Just to remind you, the GDP per capita in 2003 was something like $500. It's $3,700 or so these days.

Allawi has always realized the genuine potential that a country like his own has under a sensible leadership. That's why he has thanked America for the liberation from Hussain and other services. After all, the Pentagon money spent in Iraq were a kind of investment into his homeland - an investment that will start to return once the newly acquired freedom is (almost) fully appreciated.

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  1. Often forgotten is that Saddam's implied threat dragged down the economy of all his neighbors. While much of the building that happened after the war may be attributable to the global realestate and oil bubbles, much of this building would have been done earlier and better, allowing for istitutions and standard to develop the would have greatly benefitted development.

    In addition, without taking out the Saddam regime first, it would be impractical to put any kind of serious pressure on Iran. The threat of intereference form the the 4th largest army in the world was too great.

    The Iraq war was a no brainer.
    We had pocket Aces, the flop was two Aces and a King. Saddam was bidding up the pot and bullying his neighbors suggesting he had a full house. What are we supposed to do, fold? We have 4 aces, it doesn’t matter whether or not Saddam has the boat. If he wants to go all in, you take him all in.
    This, when the economy was stagnant and people were willing to lend to us for practically free. For every al qaeda recruited, we trained thousands and got experience is cultures AQ operates in or are similar to.

    With the inflated spending the US did, it will likely never have made financial sense for the US. But it is still likely that the war will end up produccing a net economic benefit for the world.