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Lord Monckton vs Tim Lambert: a climate debate

If you have 2+ spare hours, here is a playlist with fifteen 10-minute parts of a fresh debate involving Christopher Monckton and the blogger at the Deltoid:

Press the "tape" next to the "play" button to choose the parts. If you care, Lambert appears mostly in parts 3,4.

They say many interesting things, agree about various issues, and Lord Monckton is better. However, they also make various errors that they agree upon.

For example, it's being repeated that 39% of the present atmospheric CO2 concentration was added by the mankind. The right figure is (388-280)/388 = 28 percent. It would be 39 percent if you counted it as the percentage of the pre-industrial concentration, i.e. as (388-280)/280 = 39 percent.

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reader Unknown said...

Surely, the 28% change in CO2 is from all sources, not just anthropogenic eg 'de-gassing' of the oceans as temp. increases from LIA.
Regards G.

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