Friday, March 19, 2010

Perelman rejects Clay's megadollar

After long seven years, the Clay Institute agreed that Grigory Perelman deserves one of its seven one-million-dollar awards, the Millennium Prize, for the proof of the Poincaré conjecture.
Russian recluse mathematician awarded Millennium Prize
It took just a few hours to learn that we won't be disappointed. Much like with the $10,000 Fields Medal, Perelman has rejected the money:
Strange Russian genius declines million-dollar prize from USA
Well, so far, they only say that the Russian agencies - and journalists are the last ones that Perelman would dare to communicate with - noted that he has showed no interest whatsoever in the latest offer.

Update: later, with more information available, it was confirmed that Perelman rejected the award: The Herald Sun. With all my modesty, my own material modesty is similar to Perelman's - but still, I would accept some modest donations (see the "donate" yellow button below).

Update, July 2010: The media including The New York Times informed that the "No" decision is final. He has still been thinking about accepting it. The main reason to reject the prize is that Hamilton has deserved it as much as Perelman and the organized mathematical community has shown once again that it is unjust.

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    Yes, learning of this award from Kasper Olson's blog prompted the quotation above and your entry too, makes me wonder.