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Prague: U.S.-Russian nuclear pact

One year after Obama's anti-nuclear speech at the Prague Castle, the Russians and Americans agreed to sign a new nuclear treaty in Prague at the beginning of April 2010.

You won't find a city that is, from a long-term viewpoint. more accurately in the political middle between Russia and America than Prague. More precisely, you will find one: Pilsen which was liberated by the U.S. army unlike most of the country that was taken by the Red Army.

But they probably don't know Pilsen, so what can we do about it. ;-) Clearly, Prague was favored by the Americans as their attempt to calm down the dissatisfaction from Obama's broken missile defense pact with Poland and Czechia. President Klaus has already agreed with the choice, too.

Assuming that he will convince Obama to ultimately renounce the global warming hysteria, there exists no good reason to disagree. :-)

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snail feedback (2) :

reader Anonymous said...

"Assuming that he will convince Obama to ultimately renounce the global warming hysteria...."

Yeah, right. With people like:
Climate Czar - Todd Stern
Energy and Environment Czar - Carol Browner
Green Jobs Czar - Van Jones
Science Czar - John Holdren
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson
NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco

giving the lawn jockey advice, he'll never give up that liberal position.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear CO2fan,

these czars are a part of Klaus's plans for the Prague ceremony, too.

During the party, Medvedev will remind Obama that czars actually belong to Russia, and all the czars you mention will be sent to Siberia. ;-)


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