Friday, March 12, 2010

Richard Lindzen v. Hadi Dowlatabadi

TVO has recorded a one-hour debate about climate change:
TVO debate (click)
An interesting aspect is that Richard Lindzen, the skeptic, and Hadi Dowlatabadi, a consensus scientist, agreed about pretty much everything. The changes of the climate are unspectacular, the Earth has seen much bigger changes of temperature and CO2, 600 ppm of CO2 wouldn't do anything visible, and so on.

Paradoxically, it was the journalist who was the only advocate of AGW panic. For example, he would repeat that there is a "general wisdom" that 350 ppm is a huge problem for the Earth. Where the hell did he hear that it is a "general wisdom"?

Only a few mentally ill climatologists of James Hansen's type and a couple of radical environmental advocacy groups are saying preposterous things of this caliber, including randomly chosen and ludicrously low "doomsday" figures. No serious scientist could ever say that even 350 ppm of CO2 is a problem worth to be worried about. And no side of this debate is actually saying this thing.

So why do some journalists repeat all this bullshit?

Oh, I see. The journalists have actually renamed global warming to BS to emphasize that it causes all bad things in the world, such as this one:

Back to the debate. Both sides have also agreed that paleoclimatology is a very shaky potential foundation of the climate science.

Bonus I: paper debunks AmazonGate claims

The Register and One India inform about a new paper in Geophysical Research Letters,
Amazon forests did not green‐up during the 2005 drought
by Arindam Samanta, Sangram Ganguly, and 6 more U.S.-based researchers that studied the statements made by the 2007 IPCC report about the sensitivity of the Amazon forests to various changes of humidity and temperature. Using the 2005 drought episode, they found no dependence of the greening on the drought, surely not a dramatic one claimed by the IPCC report.

The IPCC report has directly borrowed the bullshit speculation from the WWF, a green advocacy group, and it is now sorry for having done so. Well, they're the last ones who should be ashamed for links with the WWF because during the years, they have become pretty much the same garbage as the WWF itself.

Bonus II: Gore, scared of Gore effect, cancels Prague visit

Al Gore was invited by the Czech Social Democratic Party to attend their meeting on this weekend. The socialist chairmain, Joe Quimby Paroubek, claimed that Gore would come. However, Gore will not arrive, claiming some fundraising as the explanation.

The real reason may be his fear of the Gore effect. Snow is forecast for Prague, for the whole weekend.

Bonus III: CO2 save us from an ice age

The father of Gaia, James Lovelock, has always claimed that our planet is a living organism, the so-called Gaia, that regulates itself. He has just decided that Gaia wanted to protect itself from another ice age, so it convinced some of its cells - the humans - to produce some extra carbon dioxide:
How carbon gases "have saved us from a new ice age"

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