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Sons won't be expelled from Canadian anthem

What's wrong with this anthem?

Yes, it says "True patriot love in all thy sons command," without any reference to daughters.

So as Gordon has pointed out, the "Conservative" party of Canada proposed to make the text more inclusive and replace the verse by a gender-neutral "True patriot love thou dost in us" ("thou dost" is an archaic version of "you do").

Fortunately, Stephen Harper managed to hear the voice of the conservative base that the idea was truly idiotic, so he forgot about it. ;-)

Our Czech anthem is fully dedicated to the land so we wouldn't face a similar problem even if a feminist pandemic erupted sometime in the future. But our Slovak brothers would be in trouble. They have a nice anthem about the fight against climate change: see the lyrics.

At the beginning, they observe some effects of climate change because there are lightnings over the High Tatras, the highest mountains in Slovakia. And the song encourages the brothers, but not the sisters, to stop climate change - especially the lightnings. So while the fight against the lightnings is surely politically correct, it's unforgivable that only the brothers, and not sisters, should participate in the fight. :-)

In the second stanza of the Slovak anthem, they mention "mother Sláva/Glory" who is still alive. It's just the mother, not the father, but I guess it will take some time for the Slovak people to realize that the parent of the Slavs, Sláva/Glory, was a hermaphrodite.

Before it was shortened, the German anthem used to have a sexist stanza, too. The second stanza said

And inspire us to noble deeds
During all of our life.
|: German women, German loyalty,
German wine and German song! :|
While it may look OK that the politically correct gender is mentioned and the incorrect one is omitted, you can see that the women actually appear as sexual objects, on par with the wine, so it was politically incorrect, too.

In Britain, they obviously have "God save the Queen" which may be replaced by "God save the King" if and when Charles takes over. That's fair but a more detailed "psychiatrist save the King" would probably be more accurate. ;-)

Because of its military setting, the U.S. anthem is clearly about men. But it doesn't say so explicitly so it's OK. In the fourth stanza, however, it says that "freemen shall stand" - but "freewomen" will not. Barack Obama has failed to fix the basic discriminatory mess in his country so far. ;-)

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