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Claude Allègre dismisses a useless and stupid petition

As Science News reported, esteemed French geologist and former science minister Claude Allègre wrote a new book, L'imposture climatique (The Climate Fraud), deconstructing a mafia-like system that propagates a baseless myth, namely the IPCC.

The book has sold more than 110,000 copies by now and it's roughly the #20 bestseller at

But that's not the news that Science Magazine found to be the most important one. The magazine thinks that the most important event was something that Claude Allègre "couldn't care less" about, namely a "useless and stupid petition" by 400 people who "have wasted a lot of public money [officially for the research of AGW] and they're afraid of losing their funding and jobs," using the words of the ex-science minister.

They demand that various officials curse the inconvenient heretic.

It's kind of incredible but just in France, there are 400 activist climate scientists. Add an order of magnitude or two to get an estimate for the whole world. This community of thousands or tens of thousands of people has been receiving the money for a decade or two - the community was engineered out of this money that got out of control - but they haven't managed to improve our understanding of the climate in any significant way for more than a decade.

For example, the very question "how much is the radiative forcing" caused by CO2 doubling (this is not yet the climate sensitivity: it must be multiplied by the climate sensitivity parameter to get the climate sensitivity!) is best answered by a paper from 1998 - which is twelve years old right now! There are many other ways to see that Claude Allègre is right on the money when he talks about these 400 French freeloaders.

See a longer excerpt from the reply to the authors of the petition by the two prominent French skeptics in Le Monde - French, autom. English.

Just for fun, the language of the parasites is amusing. They ask the current science minister, Ms Valérie Pécresse, the likable lady on the picture, as well as various lab directors to "take sides". They want her to "express confidence in the climate research community" and agree that Allègre and IPGP director Vincent Courtillot have made "false accusations" and "have forgotten the basic principles of scientific ethics, breaking the moral pact that binds every scientist to society."

But as Allègre reveals, they're only bound by a pact to their own mafia.

During the most recent two months when the controversy about the book escalated, the climate scientists and their allied journalists have argued in the press that Allègre's book is full of heresies and blasphemies humiliating the holy glory of the AGW religion - or, using their code language, the book is riddled with "errors, distortions of the data, and outright lies."

Allègre, a winner of the 1986 Craaford Prize, is close to Sarkozy's government and he was considered as an addition to the government. But he couldn't join it because of protests by the unhinged climate activists.

Benoît Rittaud, a math professor in Paris, has sent an open letter to the authors of the recent petition - French, autom. English - where he patiently explains that the scientists' requests for politicians to attack book contradict the freedom of expression and the separation of science and politics. He says that their approach will weaken all of science, especially climatology.

Serge Galam, a physicist, is even more alarmed by the climatologists' calls for a Stalinist inquisition: science is not about imposing the majority's opinion: French, autom. English.

See also French Google News about Allegre.

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reader Anonymous said...

Yes, no need to investigate a man who falsifies evidence, as per his editing of Håkan Grudd's research for his book (and of course, the biased media is all over this one... which is why I haven't been able to find the story in an English-language format).

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