Saturday, April 17, 2010

Help to fight against climate skeptics

Honorary president George Monbiot and his equally green colleagues at CampaignCC.ORG, Campaign against Climate Change, are already tired of the denialist propaganda. So they ask you to register your e-mail at the following page,
Skeptic Alerts (read it!)
and you will be receiving one e-mail a day with a list of new websites, resources, and articles where you - together with thousands of alarmists who are also going to be subscribed - should politely explain that the world is just going to fry and there is a scientific consensus that the Earth will evaporate soon and the SUVs are to blame. You should also bully the awful deniers and explain that they're funded by the fossil fuel companies.

Another task of yours is to spam all the websites you will receive every day with pre-collected links to RealClimate.ORG, David Suzuki, John Cook, Grist, DeSmogBlog, Nude Socialist, Zero Carbon Britain, Kyoto 2, and others. ;-)

Or you can contribute whatever comments you find more sensible. George Monbiot et al. assume that whoever gets to the page "Skeptics Alerts" above is a godless spamming machine or a mindless chicken little zombie who will obey every weird order of George Monbiot, the honorary president. Let's help him to verify his bold hypothesis! If you're George Monbiot and you want to thank me for spreading the awareness, I can just tell you: you're welcome! :-)

Alternatively, you don't have to give them your e-mail: you may watch the feed they'll be receiving at this URL (also in web form).

Thanks to Joanne Nova

P.S.: The same one-email-per-day Feedburner feed exists for this blog, too. If and after you subscribe, you must also click at a confirmation e-mail to activate the subscription.

Unfortunately for George Monbiot et al., the Alexa rank of CampaignCC.ORG is about 10 times worse than that of TRF so I don't expect them to collect too many online soldiers for their "online army of online volunteers" who will flood the comment sections of the blogosphere with alarmist insanities, personal attacks, and AGW spam. ;-)

If you subscribe and you meet a debater who seems to be an "online soldier" hired by George Monbiot, it may be useful to explain others what the situation is.

Note that their logo shows the Earth in a prison: click the logo to zoom in. Their plans captured by the image seem to confirm the logo on Václav Klaus' book, Blue Planet in Green Shackles.


  1. I eagerly await my orders from President Moonbat.

  2. The logo looks more like some kind of greenhouse to me, but I think I like your interpretation better.

  3. Yeah, that's how science is done, but as in 'scientology'. The fraudulent so-called 'church' of Scientology uses the same technique, recruiting an army of overt and covert bloggers to attack critics, deflect criticism, defend their masters, deny offenses and shift blame.

    Not exactly a good example to follow....