Thursday, April 22, 2010

Join us for Harvard's Green Carpet Awards

I used to receive similar officially allowed - and encouraged - spam many times a month.

This correspondence would never make me angry but I was always depressed by the penetration depth of this fashionable ideology into the official structures of Harvard - and surely not just Harvard.

Ms Kirwan should be deeply ashamed and spitted upon for abusing her position for the promotion of this garbage. "Green Carpet Awards" is not just a silly pissing contest of a few retarded grown-up kids.

It is an officially sponsored event that tries to rotate the moral values upside down and to intimidate those people at Harvard who understand the climate 100 times more than Mrs Kirwan, like the source who sent me this e-mail:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Join us for Harvard's Green Carpet Awards
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 22:40:43 -0400
From: Leslie A. Kirwan, Dean for Administration and Finance <s*****@*****>
To: Luboš Motl <>

Dear FAS Faculty and Staff Colleagues:

In recent years, thousands of people across the university -- including staff, students and faculty -- have worked tirelessly to help Harvard advance the kinds of changes to our buildings and behaviors that will reduce our Greenhouse Gas emissions and other environmental impacts on campus. As Harvard's largest division, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) has been on the forefront of this effort. On behalf of Dean Michael D. Smith, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge these accomplishments, thank you for your work to green the FAS and alert you to the upcoming Green Carpet Awards, where a number of our FAS colleagues will be honored.

The FAS has made significant strides towards achieving University-wide sustainability goals. Among our achievements, we reduced greenhouse gas emissions in FAS base buildings by 16 percent from FY06 to FY09. Similarly, eighty five percent of FAS buildings now have green cleaning programs, and many have seen impressive reductions in their water usage due to the installation of low flow fixtures and irrigation system upgrades. Other initiatives worth noting include organic landscaping in the Yard, sustainable dining in the Houses and dorms, increased usage of alternative transportation, and the largest number of LEED certified and registered buildings of any School at Harvard. To learn more about these accomplishments, please visit the FAS Campus Sustainability Report at:

These and future successes are the result of hard work and planning by staff, students and faculty throughout the FAS. On Friday, April 23rd, Executive Vice President Katie Lapp and the Office for Sustainability will host the first annual Green Carpet Awards to celebrate individuals at FAS and across campus who have made exceptional contributions to sustainability at Harvard. A number of our FAS colleagues have been nominated to receive awards, which will be announced and presented at a ceremony in Sanders Theatre from 3 to 4 p.m. The names of the FAS nominees are listed below. For more information go to:

Please join me in recognizing our colleagues for their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the FAS and support them, if your work permits, by attending the Green Carpet Awards ceremony. The event will be preceded by a Sustainability Fair in Memorial Hall from 2 to 3 p.m. and followed by a reception from 4 to 5 p.m. at The Cambridge Queens Head.

FAS Nominees for Individual Green Carpet Awards include:

-Fred Abernathy, Emeritus professor of two chairs in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
-Paul Bellenoit, Director of Operations and Security, HCL
-Jeremy Bloxham, Dean of Science
-Rob Bosso, Financial Associate, CGIS
-Peter Brown, Administrative Manager, Animal Facilities
-Jane Collins, Staff Assistant III, Harvard College Dean's Office
-Jerry Connors, Associate Director of Laboratories, CCB
-James Cuff, Director of Research Computing and Chief Technology Architect
-Kim Foemmel, Assistant Director of Research Operations, SCRB
-Sarah Gordon, Human Resources and Financial Administrator
-Alisyn Johnson, Harvard Extension School student
-Sage Kochavi, Program Administrator, RWJ Foundation Scholars in Health Policy Research Program
-Sharon Lorince, Assistant Manager of Operations, Athletics
-Jim McCarthy, Alexander Agassiz Professor of Biological Oceanography, OEB and EPS
-Maureen McCarthy, Building Manager, University Hall
-Anthony Pacillo, Senior Manager, Harvard Yard and Freshman Dormitories
-Claire Reardon, Laboratory Manager, Center for Systems Biology
-Johannah Shinner, Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Executive Dean
-Zack Sifuentes, Tutor, Adams House
-Matt Stec, Senior Area Manager, OPRP
-Katie Steele, Director of Freshman Programming, FDO
-Tom Tribble, Sr. Facilities Manager in the Sciences
-Stephanie Zabel, Curatorial assistant, Herbaria
-Gracie Brown '11
-Susan DeWolf '10
-Kelly Evans '10
-Charles T. James '10
-Chandan Lodha '13
-Lilli Margolin '11
-Michele Zeplenyi '13


Leslie A. Kirwan
Dean for Administration and Finance
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Harvard University
University Hall South
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


  1. Bravo to Harvard to actually taking action to change what you buy for your buildings. Companies like Tandus has been leading the industry for years and invented the worlds first closed loop recycling center for carpet back in the early 1990's and many schools and corporations have been doing the right thing environmentally by using products by eco companies like these. Pursuing sustainable flooring for Harvard is a good idea for everyone. Keep going!