Saturday, April 17, 2010

Roy Glauber's Nobel Prize stolen

On April 10th, Stephen Beaulieu was arrested for having broken into the home of my former Harvard colleague, the 2005 physics Nobel prize winner Roy Glauber (84). He did it in March: Boston Herald, Google News.

It just happened that the Nobel Prize - the medal plated with 24-carat gold - has been missing for weeks.

At least that's what Glauber's family says. Beaulieu says that he has nothing to do with the medal. His defense sounds logical: when you break into the home of a Nobel Prize winner, it's inconceivable that you could actually steal the Nobel Prize medal - especially if they also own a kitchen blender.

Well, I personally view this story as an entertaining one. By the way, I am also missing my historical signet of the royal city of Pilsen from 1307 which I received years ago... (Update September 2010: We found it!) Some other Nobel prize winners explain that they use a facsimile of the Nobel Prize medal (with brass) while others sent Glauber condolences. :-)

I won't send Glauber any condolences. After all, when I saw the headline for the first time, I thought that Glauber himself was missing which would arguably be more serious.

When Beaulieu visited Glaubers' home, the parrot was screaming at him:
Jesus is watching you!
Beaulieu didn't believe in Jesus, so he didn't care. However, the parrot continued:
Jesus is watching you!
Jesus is our Pitbull.

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  1. It doesn't really matter.

    All he needs to do is make some public statements to the effect that "without a World Government the human race has only 10 years left," and "climate change is the greatest moral challenge of the 21st century" and he can go collect another one