Wednesday, April 28, 2010

US government: AGW causes cancer, insanity, all other diseases

To show what kind of incredible mess my dear American readers allowed to thrive in their very own formerly exceptional country, I offer you the following link:
A human health perspective on climate change (PDF)
Twenty-one authors affiliated with official U.S. government institutions argue that global warming leads to the increase of cancer, mental and neurological illnesses, impotence, asthma, allergies, foodborne diseases, nutrition disorders, human development dysfunctions, heat-related and weather-related morbidity and mortality, vectorborne, zoonotic, and waterborne diseases, as well as all other diseases.

The only problem is that global warming hasn't so far managed to kill the breathtaking parasitic imbeciles who are writing this kind of garbage. Quite on the contrary: they're the only pests whose rate is demonstrably increased by AGW - I mean the AGW propaganda and the related corruption and deterioration of the political and scientific institutions.

They have clearly jumped the shark but that doesn't mean that it's certain that they have lost. They want to win with the sharks, too - and they must be stopped.

Via Marc Morano

If you want a somewhat more thoughtful recent analysis of what AGW causes and what it doesn't, check
Natural, man-made, and imagined disasters
by Prof Nils-Axel Mörner. At the bottom of the page above, you will find a PDF attachment.


  1. That it causes insanity would no longer seem to be in question...

  2. Umm... what about abortion, which increases breast cancer risk, and "the pill" (estrogen-progestogen oral contraceptives), a World Health Organization-classified Group 1 carcinogen? These are the graver global problems, not the air temperature.

  3. Junk science? Yes indeed and even worst: not science at all.

    Proof: 1+1= 0 = global warming. Therefore, I'm going to die tomorrow.

    That's it.