Sunday, May 09, 2010

BBC: Parallel Universes

If you have spare 45 minutes and you haven't yet watched the 2002 program about the braneworlds (and related issues of string theory) called "Parallel Universes" by BBC (Horizon), here it is as a 5-part playlist:

Alan Guth, Lisa Randall (climbing, cool), Nima Arkani-Hamed, Mike Duff, Burt Ovrut, Paul Steinhardt, Michio Kaku (an amazing figure-skater), Neil Turok, and many other well-known physicists can be found over there.

Tomorrow, on Monday, CBS will broadcast TBBT 3x21, The Plimpton Stimulation: see the trailer. Sheldon's bedroom will be visited by a top female physicist.

By the way, I was reminded that Lisa Randall has already "starred" as herself on the sitcom. Look who is sitting behind and in between Raj and Sheldon at 0:20 of this The Large Hadron Collision episode about the Valentine Day trip to the LHC. :-)

She was asked to be inconspicuous - and it seems that she mastered her task perfectly because I hadn't noticed her. Perfect acting. :-)

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