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Christiana Figueres: new U.N. climate boss

Yvo de Boer has resigned as the UNFCCC chief. Christiana Figueres of Costa Rica has been chosen as his successor.

To be sure that the same pseudointellectual junk and political propaganda will continue to contaminate this portion of the international political scene, check her "campaign":

This transition politically means that the third world could become more influential in these irrational negotitations. That could be bad - but it's very logical.

After all, Costa Rica is way ahead of the Netherlands (where Yvo de Boer lives) in the CO2 emissions: the Dutch GDP per capita is $40,000 (PPP) and $48,000 (nominal) while Costa Rica's GDP per capita is just $11,000 (PPP) and $6,400 (nominal), so Costa Rica is approximately five times "better" than the Netherlands.

The CO2 emissions per capita are nearly proportional to the GDP per capita - but no one cares about this particular number, anyway. Costa Rica has something like 2 tons of CO2 per capita and year while the Netherlands has 23 tons or so. If you reduce your emissions to 1/10, your wealth will drop to 1/5 or so, which is about 0.7th power of 1/10.

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snail feedback (1) :

reader Brian G Valentine said...

"Costa Rica is the only nation to adhere to the terms of the Copenhagen Accord!"

Congratulations to Costa Rica! Every unemployed laborer living on the streets of every country did their small part, too, to meet the terms of the admirable Copenhagen Accord. It didn't take much on their part to meet (or exceed) Copenhagen "greenhouse gas" targets.

See how easy it is! Why, Mrs Figueres could show the world how every country can become a third-world backwater with very little effort, except to produce nothing.

NO THANKS, Christiana!


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