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May the Royal Society go AGW agnostic?

The Royal Society has appointed a panel to review its position on global warming, having admitted that the boundary between facts and speculations has often been blurred in its previous statements. The new official position, demanded by 43 of its fellows, will be published in the summer.

Is there any chance that this famous institution can be cured?

This is a 2008 TED talk by Lord Martin Rees, the current president of the Royal Society and therefore the recipient of the mail demanding the review. He's been linked to the AGW alarmism a little bit.

And by looking at the title of his talk, "Earth in its final century" (in the U.S., his boook was published as "Our Final Hour" to make the doom more speedy as expected by the more demanding U.S. readers haha), I decided that Rees himself is a hopeless AGW alarmist. The title has to refer to the climate doom, right?

However, when you listen to the 18-minute video, it is a pretty nice talk with lots of things about the established as well as cutting-edge and speculative cosmology - about scales, the big bang, complexity, extra dimensions, multiverse - and the doom is actually not linked to climate change. Instead, he offers diverse ideas about the future, with both good and bad expectations. CO2 only appears for a few seconds around 15:55. It's easy to misinterpret the title.

So right now, I do think that there's a hope with the likes of Martin Rees, after all. What do you think?

Let's stay tuned.

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