Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Princeton ex-president chairs the meta-IPCC panel

One week ago, I forgot to report on the composition of the new panel reviewing the IPCC panel that was decided by Robbert Dijkgraaf and others.

The 12 members of the meta-IPCC panel will publish their findings by the end of August.

Former Princeton University's (and the University of Michigan) president, economist Harold Shapiro, will be the chair (see the picture).

Nobel winners Mario Molina (for ozone layer) and Syukuro Manabe (for climate modeling) are among the members. So is Louise Fresco of Amsterdam, a professor of "sustainability", and Zakri Abdul Hamid of Malaysia and others.
See the full list of meta-IPCC reviewers and their short bios.
On Friday May 14th, they will make the first webcast from Amsterdam. Pachauri is participating, too.

Andrew Revkin has complained that the committee has no experts in scientific policymaking, social sciences (except for economics), or the history of science.

See also Google News.

If you have some knowledge about the previous attitudes of the members to the issue and their expected impartiality, I and others will be curious to hear about them.

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