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Scott Denning speaks at the Heartland conference

Prof Scott Denning of Colorado State University was one among two de facto AGW believers who accepted the invitation to the Fourth International Conference on Climate Change.

We kind of know what fellow skeptics would say although some talks were rather innovative. But I found this mainstream guy's comment refreshing, too:

He's very polite, he has learned a a lot, he complains that his colleagues don't attend such meaningful conferences, and he says that paranoia isn't helpful and that pro-market forces suffer because they're not sufficiently represented among physical scientists which is why physical scientists inevitably give far left-wing recommendations whenever science intersects with policymaking. Very true.

To compare, check this annoying, boring, lousy, repetitive, frustrating, and dishonest commencement speech by Al Gore. It's kind of amazing for a university to invite something like that for the commencement festivities.

Via Tom Nelson and Freedom Pub

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reader Anonymous said...

Be sure not to miss Denning's excellent presentation:

He makes some very good points, framed specifically for the Heartland audience.

I comment on his talk at my blog:

Bottom line:

- The science is about common sense and basic physics

- Who is being ‘alarmist’?

- Being so ‘alarmist’ about the consequences of mitigation efforts is antithetical to having faith in the ‘magic of markets’, entrepeneurship and the power of innovation.


reader Jim Lakely said...

Thanks for the link to The Freedom Pub. Why don't you join us over there and contribute to our group blog.

Jim Lakely
Host and Bartender
The Freedom Pub

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