Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sherpa: global warming added 2 meters to Mt Everest

The Associated Press interviewed Apa, a Nepalese Sherpa, who has realized that as he is getting older, global warming makes it harder for him to climb the highest peak on Earth.

The agency also explains why it is getting harder. You may remember that before global warming, the elevation was 29,029 feet (8,848 meters). However, global warming has evaporated two meters of the oceans and the AP's new elevation became 29,035 feet (8,850 meters). Note that to be sure that it's no mistake or a result of rounding, they wrote the figure in two unit systems and both figures are higher.

As global warming is making it harder to climb the peak, the number of people who go there had to drop because Apa's eco-team has only collected 4,770 kilograms of garbage during the last year. ;-) When he was young, there was hardly any rocky surface on the trail to the summit. Now the trail is dotted with rocks. It had to be caused by global warming because tourists' shoes can't contain enough stone to create the dots. :-)

An example of dots that had to be created by global warming

Because global warming has made his job harder, he expects to be paid more money. Apa agrees with the IPCC that for every 0.1 degrees of warming or cooling caused by global warming, his salary should be doubled.


  1. I bet that AGE (not AGW) as something to do with his oppinion. Someone must tell him that he is no more young.

  2. at first, sorry for my bad English.. :D
    well.. this is really good, if this 2 meters higher were right doesn't it mean our earth is gaining landmass in a very few years?
    thanks to global warming, we shouldn't be worried about sea level rise anymore :D