Tuesday, May 25, 2010

St Vitus Cathedral: litigations are over

Less than one day after Czech President Václav Klaus decorated the winners of the world ice-hockey championship, and after he drank champagne from the 30-liter cup twice :-), he signed an agreement with the new Prague Archbishop and the Czech catholic leader, Dominik Duka, who happens to be close to Klaus but who was recently appointed by the Pope.

The decades-long litigations over the St Vitus Cathedral, the dominant structure in the middle of the Prague Castle, are over. The following two traditional propositions of the Church about the ownership were agreed upon and a new one was added:
  1. The cathedral belongs to God.
  2. The cathedral belongs to itself.
  3. In the material world, the cathedral belongs to the Czech Republic.
You can see it's a fair compromise. God and the cathedral's own spirit remain the top shareholders but the secular state, secretly assuming that God is not the real issue in the lawsuits, owns the whole structure for the material purposes. ;-)

The state and the church will be helping each other so that the "metropolitan church" may be used for all the expected purposes - tourism, masses, and so on. As a bonus, the church will be allowed to use a few surrounding buildings that have exclusively belonged to the state so far but that may be very useful for the liturgical activities.

When the two right people meet, seemingly eternal but unnecessary confrontations may sometimes go away.

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