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Tamino vs Goddard

Steve Goddard wrote two research articles about Venus's climate for WUWT:

Hyperventilating on Venus
Venus envy
After some unthoughtful early criticism, your humble correspondent endorsed the arguments. Most of the excessive warmth on Venus is not due to the greenhouse effect - even though I used to parrot this meme just a week ago myself.

Titian's Venus

Tamino didn't like the conclusion so he decided to dismiss Goddard's arguments:
Goddard's folly
Grant Foster's counter-arguments are remarkably simple:
I’ll leave that to others to dissect Goddard’s arguments.
Given the well-known estimate that Tamino is a relatively smarter alarmist, i.e. that most alarmist readers' IQ is about 30 points below Tamino's IQ, that will be pretty hard a task for them to fulfill! ;-)

Instead of any analysis of Goddard's arguments, Tamino indirectly told his attack dogs to attack the "stupid contributors at Watts' blog" because of this statement by Goddard:
If there were no Sun (or other external energy source) atmospheric temperature would approach absolute zero. As a result there would be almost no atmospheric pressure on any planet ⇒ PV = nRT.
However, this argument is completely OK. If there is no star around, there's no systematic incoming energy. So there can't be any outgoing energy, either. For the thermal radiation, it means that the absolute temperature "T" of all radiating portions of the planet must go to zero (well, more precisely, to approximately 2.7 Kelvin degrees of the cosmic microwave background).

If there's any atmosphere left - some gas around the planet - it's clear that the molar volume "V/n" can't go to zero (otherwise it wouldn't be gas). For the ideal gas equation above to hold, it must be the pressure "p" that goes to zero, instead. Goddard's conclusion is completely valid.

Of course, what "also" happens is that the temperature becomes so low that most of the would-be atmosphere condenses or freezes. The planet is frozen solid, the remaining atmosphere is extremely thin, and the ideal gas equation only applies to the (irrelevant) thin atmosphere, not the liquid or solid material of the planetary bulk.

But needless to say, Tamino didn't want to seriously analyze any question about the thermodynamics or phase transitions. He wanted to encourage the alarmist bigots who visit his website to attack a skeptic for his inconvenient conclusions. These people are mindless zombies.

By the way, Tamino's real name is Grant Foster.

Even Grant Foster's most famous homosexual porn novels have been inspired by global warming: the title is "Long, Slow Burn".

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