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LHC: ATLAS event: Alda and Randall

On Tuesday, the LHC's ATLAS Collaboration organized an event in New York with Alan Alda, Lisa Randall, Michael Tuts and Emma Sanders.

See also a few pictures from the event, and a four-page or eight-page popup book, Voyage to the Heart of Matter (about ATLAS), that they promoted.

Incidentally, ATLAS has already collected a billion of 7 TeV events or so - and the luminosity has already been increased to approximately 1 percent of the planned maximum luminosity.

Terry Tao will derive

If you haven't watched it yet, the International Mathematical Union has shot a documentary movie about Terence Tao's journey to the Fields Medal. Unfortunately, the IMU hasn't found anyone who knew the verbs.

So they called the documentary "I will derive" instead of "I will differentiate". However, the movie still shows the intellectual excitement behind the complex mathematics that Terry Tao had to crack rather nicely. ;-)

Via Olda K.

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