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Will Happer: testimony in the House

Prof Will Happer of Princeton has given an excellent testimony in front of the House of Representatives yesterday,

Climate science in the political arena (PDF)
On these eight pages, he first modestly sketches some facts about his impressive scientific background.

He says that the climate has been largely warming for 200 years or so, that the CO2 is rising because of us, that CO2 probably causes less than 2 °C of warming per doubling, that the empirical evidence increasingly speaks against large positive feedbacks, or any net positive feedbacks for that matter, that the models have been often wrong, that "modeler" Lord Kelvin was wrong when he argued against Charles Darwin's correct statement that the Earth had to be very old, that a "team B" should be created to critically evaluate the conclusions by "team A" (this IPCC2 is originally an idea due to Václav Klaus, and I also think that the names "team A" and "team B" should be naturally reversed relatively to Happer's proposal), that CO2 is naturally present in much higher concentrations in our breath etc. and is beneficial for the plants.

Very sensible. To compare, you may also look at the testimonies of four alarmists, Cicerone, Molina, Schneider, and Santer.

Pacman is 30 years today. Congratulations.

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