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Bigger, better, faster: gluinos at the LHC

The Symmetry Magazine and SLAC Today printed an article by Eder Izaguirre and Jay Wacker, two SLAC physicists, who rightfully worship the discovery potential of the LHC.

The experts will recognize the popular text as an advertisement for their preprint with Michael Manhart,

Bigger, Better, Faster, More at the LHC
which explains that it is much easier for the LHC to find a new colored particle such as the gluino than for the Tevatron - with the 1 inverse femtobarn expected by the end of 2011 (or with less) - essentially because the new particles may have a higher energy and can be more easily distinguished from the Standard Model background.

On the picture, Dr Manhattan is realizing the plan of the SLAC physicists and is working to isolate the gluino. ;-) Click the picture for more information.

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