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Black list study: heretics are successfully suppressed by the AGW cult

Picture: Al Gore, a carbon giga-criminal also known as Mr Stone, has apparently nearly raped a gorgeous massage therapist in Portland, 2006, according to the National Enquirer
William R. L. Anderegg (a Stanford ecology grad student), James W. Prall (a computer assistant), Jacob Harold (a program officer at a foundation), and Stephen H. Schneider (an AGW and new ice age prophet) published a bizarre paper in PNAS,
Expert credibility in climate change (full text PDF, abstract)

Promotion of this "scientific work" by The Telegraph
The authors have reached an incredibly surprising conclusion: the climate heretics are less enthusiastically worshiped by the AGW cult than the AGW cultists! What a surprise.

For example, the average number of papers accepted for publication that were written by the AGW cultists exceeds the analogous number for the "climate deniers", which is the #2 keyword of the article, by a factor of two.

Naomi Oreskes has claimed that the ratio was infinity rather than two. The skeptics "didn't exist" and even if they did, they would have 0% of the papers and the citations of the believers. Suddenly the new tables admit that there are 496+ of the skeptics and each of them has 50% of the papers and citations - which makes up thousands of papers written by skeptics. But the new authors still claim to support Naomi Oreskes' findings; her paper is the 1st citation of the new paper.

Nevertheless, the new paper's observation that the skeptics are being relatively suppressed confirms a previous, confidential paper written by Dr Phil Jones:
From: Phil Jones (p.jones@uxxxxx.uk)
To: "Michael E. Mann" (mann@vxxxxxx.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 8 16:30:16 2004

[...] I can't see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow - even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is !
Cheers, Phil
Schneider et al. bring us additional evidence that Dr Phil Jones' ingenious strategy is working very well. Congratulations, Phil and his pals. If you keep papers written by the heretics out of the press, it surely settles all the questions and the Earth starts to boil as a result!

Well, is that really hard to understand that if someone writes 120 papers of garbage, it's still garbage? And if someone else is being intimidated, censored, and blackmailed, it doesn't prove that he's wrong?

An appendix shows that the heretics are also uglier because their bodies are bruised at a higher number of places. Dr Ben Santer confirms the observation by the experimental results of his next experimental project:
Next time I see Pat Michaels at a scientific meeting, I’ll be tempted to beat the crap out of him. Very tempted.
Just to be sure, the supplementary material for the new paper by Schneider et al. also contains names - a black list - of the heretics. See this HTML version of the black list by Prall, one of the authors. Everyone listed on that page is a heretic.

Holy crap: I found myself on the list of deniers, too - being the 23rd most cited sane climate scientist on this planet. ;-) If you look at the flags, the Czech team has two "older" deniers - myself with citation counts {344,228,170,150} and the trained climate scientist Petr Chýlek with {160,131,106,103} - and two younger deniers - Jiří Blumel and Josef Zbořil.

I can't find the corresponding list of Czech alarmists - I am not aware of anyone who could make it to the top of the list. If you look at Prall's inclusive table of 3,023 people from both camps, you will also find skeptic George Kukla {352,284,252,232} [total 1,120] under a Czech flag. You won't find any Czech alarmists on that huge page at all. In the Czech Republic, skeptics beat alarmists 2,500 to zero (the total citation counts from 4 top articles from each author).

It doesn't exactly look like that the alarmists may be taken seriously here, does it? Of course, you won't hear about this result from the commie media. (Needless to say, if the average Czechs were also offered billions of dollars for writing garbage about climate threats, they would be able to imitate their American counterparts and write thousands of mutually citing, pseudoscientific articles about this topic, too.)

John Christy, the winner of NASA's Medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement, and the American Meteorological Society's "Special Award", is among the deniers, too. Bill Anderegg has co-authored the libelous paper in order to show how mediocre and lousy grad students may beat others and all their achievements whenever the ideological wind and dirty politics help them to do so. And Stephen Schneider and his comrades help to "educate" the grad students in this way.

Well, instead of developing new methods how to sling mud at their superior and saner colleagues, these insane cultists should start to think more intensely about the most promising ways how to avoid the jail because the complexity of this homework is an increasing function of the amount of these fanatical cultists' crimes against the humanity.

The immature behavior of these four loons and their ad hominem attacks are additional pieces of evidence that the contemporary climate science desperately needs a mature supervision.

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