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CERN accepts non-European full members

A week ago, I discussed a recent talk by David Gross where he predicted that by 2020, the U.S. would be a full member of CERN, the Center of Europe for the Research of Nuclei.

CERN's Globe

That was a bold prediction because when he gave the talk, CERN didn't even accept full members from outside Europe. But Gross's prediction is doing very well. Yesterday,

"Big Bang" research center open[ed] membership to world (Reuters).
Press release, Symmetry breaking
So the leaders of Micronesia who just joined the world of cutting-edge Western science and technology - by endorsing Greenpeace hippies who sleep in front of Czech coal power plants - may share the scientific adventures at CERN, too.

Bonus: solar music

Sound of the Sun (courtesy Richard Morton) by University of Sheffield

See FoxNews and others...

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