Monday, June 14, 2010

Gravitinos and goldstini at the LHC

A few weeks ago, Jesse Thaler gave a pretty nice talk at Brown University based on their papers from February and April - 26 minutes in 3 parts.

Assuming a hidden sector, SUSY may be de facto broken independently in both sectors. Consequently, one gets the gravitino plus an additional "uneaten" particle, a goldstino. Its mass turns out to be exactly two times the mass of the gravitino: two is the dimension of "F", the SUSY breaking ordering parameter.

Such goldstini plus the gravitinos may be observable as missing energy from the decays of smuons as long as you see two peaks separated by a factor of two on the energy scale. If this fingerprint is seen, this discovery would establish both SUSY and a hidden sector.

Laurel Halo: Supersymmetry

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