Thursday, June 24, 2010

IPCC 5AR: Working Group 1 authors chosen

I hope that the IPCC will be abolished or dramatically rebuilt - or it will become inconsequential - within two years.

But we must be ready for the other scenario, too. If the IPCC survives in its present form, here are the recently selected authors of the Working Group I - the physical science basis:
Working Group I Contribution to the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (PDF)
Pachauri is still there but Jones, Mann, Briffa, Schneider are not. You still find the likes of Trenberth, Thorne, Comiso, Osborn, Scott, Hegerl, Wratt in the list.

The empty seats were not filled by any climate skeptics but rather by third-world (and third-rate) scientists who will be happy to be allowed to travel. They will be correspondingly grateful, too. The number of authors from the poor world has been actually doubled relatively to IPCC AR4.

Although Chapter 8 should study the influence of the Sun, there are no astrophysicists (or astronomers) in the list. Well, Blanca Mendoza is the only semi-exception, having published a few papers on solar activity.

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  1. Come together with other real scientists and write your own report.
    By the way, there is a cover story by Brin in The Skeptic.

  2. Dear Harlow,
    that's exactly what's happening, under the leadership of Fred Singer.

    Every year, a 900-page NIPCC report (click) is being published. It just doesn't get as much coverage as the fake, IPCC report, for certain reasons.

    Best wishes