Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rachel Corrie: a suicide ship sent to defeat Israel

It's amazing to watch how many people - and (almost) whole nations - have lost their mind.

A few days ago, German President Horst Köhler suddenly resigned. The reason? He previously said an obvious fact in an interview, namely that soldiers are often sent to protect the trade and the economic interests of their homeland in general. He was criticized by some crazy people - and this criticism was enough for him to go. This top seat of the main European power is as stable as the Higgs at the SU(2) symmetric point.

But an even more amazing is the newest reincarnation of political correctness. The PC people compete who is the biggest hater of Israel and who is most eager to humiliate the Jews and their official institutions. At that point, this kind of PC becomes literally indistinguishable from ordinary Nazism as we knew it 70 years ago.

Several days after 9 haters of Israel had to be killed when they were trying to break the blockade of Gaza with their knives and sticks, there are clear signs that many people still don't understand that this is what has to happen to other people who attack the Israeli army with similar inappropriate weapons.

By the way, the aid from the flotilla has been sent to Gaza by Israel. Hamas has blocked it but it's a "detail" that you won't read in too many PC Nazi-like Western media.

The people who kind of support these provocations against the Israeli defense forces come from unexpected corners. They apparently include the Irish prime minister - "taoiseach" Brian Cowen who warned of the most serious consequences if the Irish ship is not allowed to break the existentially important Israeli law. Did he - with his army of 8,500 active men - just declare a war to Israel - with an army of 180,000 men - with no good reason?

In such situations, it's hard not to believe the jokes whose message is that the Irish are as dumb as a doorknob. He certainly is. The chairman of the Czech Senate, Mr Přemysl Sobotka, is just visiting Israel and he declared that the Turkish "humanitarian" ship was a planned provocation pretending to be an aid. That's obvious. The only question is what e.g. the Irish prime minister wants to gain by doing the same thing.

Rachel Corrie was a young American woman who became famous for her suicide attack against an Israeli army's bulldozer in Gaza seven years ago. She simply jumped under the vehicle to stop some (Jewish) construction in the Gaza strip.

The 23-year-old woman was apparently surprised that she didn't survive. She was born into a prosperous advanced society but one can notice how similar her behavior is to the behavior of the ordinary suicide bombers who are usually born in the Islamic countries: some general human features and deviations are pretty universal.

You know, I kind of admire some people who commit a seemingly similar suicide and actually have a message and whose sacrifice makes some sense - like Mr Jan Palach who burned himself at the Wenceslas Square a few months after the Soviet-led occupation of Czechoslovakia - but I can't help myself, the fate of Corrie is sad but it shows that she was incredibly stupid.

Hatikvah: pretty - also because the music is inspired by Bedřich Smetana's Vltava.

However, some people obviously see these things differently.

So there exists a whole ship which is aptly named Rachel Corrie: see the picture. And it's apparently planning to break the blockade of Gaza, too. They want to bring some extra "humanitarian aid" to Gaza such as tons of concrete. The stupid Irish prime minister supports this ship and he thinks it's a great idea.

There are lots of arrogant people on the board who apparently think that they're so important that they can violate any law they want, in an arbitrarily serious situation. Among them, you find Mairead Maguire who received her peace Nobel prize in 1976, at the age of 32, for having organized a peace petition in Northern Ireland. Holy crap.

They're clearly eager to break the blockade, deliberately misunderstanding that such a breaking is illegal and the corresponding law is being enforced very meticulously (and it has to be). Isn't it obvious what will happen? Do they have to be told the lesson once again? They will be asked to go to Ashdod where the aid, if the ship contains aid, may be checked and distributed - or to return back to their homes.

If they disagree because they want to distribute this aid (?) directly via Hamas rather than via Israel, well, they will be stopped. If they prevent IDF from redirecting the ship, the IDF will have to reply. In the case of the Turkish ship, the Israeli thought that the ship carried pretty much reasonable, peaceful people. They're used to live among such people so they expected the same thing on the sea.

A lonely, reasonable, peaceful Jewish guy surrounded by numerous, aggressive, brainwashed, hostile, Muslim animals in Los Angeles. The terror apologists say that Hamas is nice but these L.A. cops are s**tting into their pants just because of the remote fans of Palestine. Concerning the boy, with his courage and reason, he may be an example for the whole Israel. Meanwhile, the Muslims only scream that Israel doesn't exist, shouldn't exist, and they have never heard of the Bible. If you want a more optimistic video from L.A., see a pro-Israel rally with 2,000 people.

However, they have learned their lesson. They know that such ships carry mostly hateful thugs who are always eager to kill a couple of Jews. It's very likely that the IDF commandos will be more ready for a powerful resistance than they had been in the previous case. If the crew of Rachel Corrie also decides to be "more prepared" and if it turns out to be really impossible to deal with, the ship may have to be sunk.

It's that simple. Whether the crew contains an arrogant bitch who wants to promote herself among millions of Israel-hating scumbags and who thinks that she can do anything because she's been unwisely given the same award as Yassir Arafat or Al Gore ;-) simply can't make a difference. The laws apply to everyone, dear bitch, OK?

By the way, thankfully, Joe Biden realizes that Israel was right to stop the Turkish ship. He also says that the humanitarian aid for Gaza is meaningless because it may be confiscated by Hamas that wants to buy rockets.


  1. Please don't blame the Irish generally for the stupidity of some of their leaders such as Brian Cowan who lets flies land on his head and would. The Irish have produced some very smart leaders!

    search on Irish Ronald Reagan and (genealogist) Pollock

    Etymology of "Reagan"

    There are plenty of Irish who have no patience with the Ayers & Dohrn types up to their necks in this flotilla garbage.

  2. Dear fornow, of course, I realize that one can't judge whole nations as uniform entities.

    And in fact, I don't think that there are any truly "systemic" differences between the Irish nation and e.g. the Czech nation. It's similar in many respects. We have lots of Celtic DNA, too.

    The only difference is that the Irish are the 2nd in drinking beer per capita while the Czechs are the 1st. ;-)

    Still, the jokes about the Irish are based on *something*, I think. If there were many more Czechs in America, the jokes could apply to them, too.

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