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Tim Flannery walks away from his claims

Tim Flannery is a top Australian AGW activist. Andrew Bolt, a professional and bright journalist, has interviewed him:

How to Expose a Warmist: Andrew Bolt Interviews Australia's Al Gore
Bolt was amazingly prepared. He has read lots of articles by Flannery and stored many of the most catchy quotes. So he could present all the original sources. Throughout the years, Flannery has said and written many things about the insanely rising sea level, disappearance of ice sheets within two years, Australian cities without any water, and lots of other things.

Of course, they didn't come true. It's interesting - although expected - to observe Flannery how he denies most of his previous big claims. These people are deliberately spreading lies and extremely unlikely speculations, hoping that people would absorb them by osmosis. And some people have done so, indeed.

Whenever these people are confronted, however, they pretend that they have never said any of these things. They have either forgotten everything they said, or they're sure it had to be a collection of typos, or they must have been misunderstood, or they have other ways to argue that they were not quite serious.

Except that they're always trying to pretend that they're damn serious whenever they want others to believe all these catastrophic insanities. This is the kind of flagrant intellectual dishonesty we know from other double-faced people, such as Lee Smolin, too.

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