Sunday, July 18, 2010

CERN: ILC to be built in 2012-2019

Last time TRF dedicated an article to the plans for the International Linear Collider (ILC), it was 2006 and the beast was supposed to be built in Illinois.

However, America has weakened since 2006. So The Independent, a British communist daily, brings us fresh news that it's more likely that the ILC will be built at CERN, too. The construction could begin in 2012 and last for 7 years.
Forget LHC (The Independent)

ILC (Wikipedia), ILC (Web), ILC (Images)
A 31-kilometer long tunnel would be 10 times longer than its older brother, a 3.2-kilometer long tunnel at SLAC, California, built in 1962.

The ILC would therefore be a neat gadget to connect two Swiss villages by a subway. The price would be below $7 billion, lower than the LHC. The total collision energy would be 0.5 TeV, upgradable to 1 TeV. But they would be very clean.

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