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Global sea ice anomaly is positive

It's very warm in Central Europe - high temperatures in Pilsen reach 35 °C - and the global mean temperatures are close to the July 2009 values which were pretty warm.

But the sea ice tells us a different story.

For several months, The Cryosphere Today has been showing the decline of the Arctic sea ice. Several months ago, the anomaly grew and almost reached zero but it stayed slightly negative throughout 2010 and has been dropping, reaching -1.5 million squared kilometers a week ago or so.

However, the figure has been rising since that time and the newest reading is -1.333. At any rate, the Arctic has returned to a "shortage of ice" while the Antarctic sea ice boasts the good old tendency to grow. It's currently at +1.337 - so the total global sea ice anomaly is actually positive again, despite the warm global mean temperatures.

Imagine that. Several decades of news reports about armageddon and melting ice and after 30 years, we're exactly where we were in 1980. ;-)

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reader dhanes said...

Wow,someone with a brain! How nice. Check this out Global temperature correlations CFCs=.96 CO2=.02 Qing-Bin Lu Journal of Cosmology 6-2010. Also Physics Reports in 12-2009 he shows that CFCs were the driver of climate change in the last half of the 20th century. We've been cooling since 2002 with 50 more years of cooling predicted! Although the oceans have warmed we are beginning to see just what you discussed at the edges, as always. Have had correspondence with Lu. You should too!

reader Unknown said...

I check out Cryosphere almost every day, and there are a couple of interesting observations. The ability to compare Arctic sea ice for any two days since 1980 show that there is considerably more ice on any given day this year (and last year) than on the same day in 2007. Also Cryosphere has animations of the DRAMATIC Antarctic sea ice loss of the southern 'summer' of 2007, but nothing more recent, almost like they don't want to note he dramatic ice increases in recent years, despite the continuing increase in CO2 concentrations.... and if you look at the composite "Totals" sea ice anomalies since 1980, it's virtually a flat line, despite balance shifts from the north to south ice caps.

reader Unknown said...

I hope to god that this is a true indicator that our planet is not on the brink of destruction as some media sources would have us believe.

reader ccpo said...

Since we all know the ignorance displayed here is intentional, thus not ignorant, but intentionally misleading, let us not get too deeply into that.

Let us step past the lie and get right to the science. (Some of you might burst into flame in the light of truth, so may want to navigate to another page.)

1. The total balance of sea ice is not highly relevant because the two systems are relatively isolated from one another by.... um... a planet, as well as the circumpolar winds around the Antarctic. And, as expected, more sea ice is growing due to the effects of those winds. Meanwhile, Antarctica is losing land ice. Imagine that... hotter planet, less land ice... Amazing!

2. The Arctic did not rise or increase, it melted more slowly than the previous, record-breaking month.

See? That wasn't so hard to say, was it? Oh, you *did* burst into flames? So sad. So sorry. Guess truth *does* hurt.

reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear smradlavý PR-De,

when you write that "The total balance of sea ice is not highly relevant because the two systems are relatively isolated from one another", let me remind you that you - or at least the likes of you - had to find the the total balance of sea ice extremely relevant back in 2007 when it went down for a while (because of wind patterns).

But when it's high, it's not relevant, is it? When the data don't go in the direction you like, you must try to find different, "better" data about something else, right?

People like you are dishonest scum that constantly changes the rules of the game because you're not searching for the truth about any question and in any context: you are searching for ever new patterns that could be - after some additional distortion - helpful to realize your real goal which is to liquidate the advanced civilization and the market economy on this planet.


reader Jim Acker said...

Hey Lubos:

What about the two papers cited in the article below (which have been around awhile) indicating that sea ice increase around Antarctica is attributable to climatic warming?

That's inconvenient. Inform Morano that he linked to support for the climatic warming scenario on your blog.


reader Luboš Motl said...

Dear oakden,

I see, so "global warming" means changes that differ by sign according to the hemisphere. It wouldn't be terribly global.

Very "wise". It's not only "inconvenient" but I would say it is also ill-considered.

Sorry but I won't be sending any mail of the kind that "everything we see is explained by global warming" to Marc Morano because I guess that even without my help, he is getting lots of e-mail from unhinged nutcases such as yourself.

Best wishes

reader Jim Acker said...


reader Pragmatic American said...

Moving the goalposts is a hallmark of the intellectually weak.

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