Friday, July 23, 2010

ICHEP: Sarkozy will try to find God particle on Monday

Update: See the video with Sarkozy's speech (click, speech in French); see transcript (EN), summary in English and another one in The Guardian
Many French people know their president, Nicolas Sarkozy, as a savior.

This is an interview before the Czech EU presidency began and after Sarkozy had just saved the banks, Europe, America, and the rest of the world:

By the way, ex-PM Topolánek is no gypsy who has never seen meat but he surely loves to dance with the gypsies.

On Monday, when D0 and CDF will present their combined data at ICHEP 2010 in Paris - which could bring hints of a beyond-the-Standard-Model Higgs sector -, Sarko decided to attend the conference. Just like during an Irish-French soccer match, Sarkozy will demand a VIP box from the organizers.

The official Élysée Palace website calls the visit an "intervention" but yes, Google Translate translates it as a speech. ;-) The speech begins at noon.

A good timing, Mr President. ;-) Ben Kilminster, a rock band front man, will present the combined Tevatron results at 4:40-5:10 pm.

Will Sarkozy be lucky? Will the waiting for the Godot particle (which was originally called "the goddamn particle" in Higgs' paper sent to the journal) be over on Monday night? :-) You can try to guess by looking at all the D0 Higgs titles of talks prepared for ICHEP 2010 and a comparable CDF page.

Meanwhile, the speakers have presented many results extracted from the Tevatron and the LHC colliders. The LHC has already been able to see the Upsilon (Y) particle, a 10-GeV bound state of bottom and antibottom quarks, hints of the top quarks, and other things.

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