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La Niña conditions getting started

The latest

El Niño / La Niña / ENSO weekly review
shows that the sea surface anomaly in the Niño 3.4 region was -0.6 °C (see page 5/30), which is below the -0.5 °C threshold that defines La Niña conditions. Last week, the number was exactly -0.5 °C.

For the first time in a year, the 3-month average was outside the El Niño range (see page 26/30). The April-May-June 2010 average was at +0.3 °C which was already below +0.5 °C. So the latest El Niño episode lasted from May-June-July 2009 through March-April-May 2010, i.e. for 11 three-month periods.

That was longer than the 2004-2005 El Niño episode (9 periods) as well as the 2006-2007 episode (6 periods) but equally long as the 2002-2003 episode (11 periods) and shorter than the 1997-1997 big El Niño episode (13 periods).

Also, the El Niño in 2010 ended about two weeks earlier than in 1998 which is another reason to expect that 2010 will stay somewhat cooler than 1998.

Bonus: Solar power plants are crime

As klimaskeptik.cz has pointed out, the new Czech environment minister, Pavel Drobil (ODS, Civic Democrats), has called the subsidies for photovoltaics an economic crime.

It's been estimated that the Czech economy could pay up to one trillion crowns, or 5% of the GDP (one whole annual GDP), for the solar subsidies in the next 20 years. The new minister will support the expansion of both nuclear power plants while he will only endorse coal mining in Beskydy if a technology that doesn't affect the environment is found.

He will have to study the details of the "giant environmental contract" for a company that will remove all damages to the Czech environment that were done before 1989. To be honest, your humble correspondent has no idea what to think about this project, either. There are surely many ugly places in the country that would be prettier and greener if there were no communism: will the company have to beautify them, too? I simply don't understand what the task is and how it will be verified.

The new prime minister, Petr Nečas (ODS), has vowed that the Czech ministry of environment will no longer serve as a "background for the green ideological guerilla" which it has often been in the past but rather as a standard tool of the public service.

I am not sure whether other countries in the West are equally courageous to eliminate the green ideologues from the ministries of environment (and other places where they have no business to oxidate). After many years, the Czech voters managed to squeeze the Green Party (or green parties) - the only major political representative of the environmentalist ideology - out of the Parliament.

But don't think that Czechia is more conservative in all respects. As the Britons are refusing to give fuel to Iranian airplanes, Czechia thinks about the best ways to build new railways for our friends in Iran. ;-)

But yes, we may also support Israel's nuclear strike against Iran.

Škoda Greenline cars are no longer green enough - even though they're as efficient as Prius, without the annoying environmentalist shapes. So Mr Dalibor Pantůček has designed the future Škoda Rapid with a customizable interior. It indeed looks different, doesn't it? ;-)

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