Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Climate: the ultimate AGW Apple app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

A very large fraction of the respectable names of the climate science that you know - Richard Lindzen, Roy Spencer, Fred Singer, Henrik Svensmark, Willie Soon, Will Happer, Bob Carter, Craig Idso, Paul Reiter but also folks such as Lord Christopher Monckton, Joanne Nova, Anthony Watts, or your humble correspondent, among many and many others - have helped Aeris Systems - a truly professional and well-educated firm - to build the state-of-the-art application that explains and studies the science of climate change.

Click the tree logo at the very top to get to the Apple home page of the app or remember the URL (old). AppShopper has a page, too. To actually buy the app, you need an Apple ID. When you have it, run your iTunes, search for Our Climate in the right upper corner, filter by apps, and you will see the tree logo once again.
... (click to open app page directly in iTunes)
The result is a fantastic application sold for USD 0.99 (or EUR 0.79) whose real value is hundreds of dollars.

It offers you dozens of excellent articles of the right size, lots of pictures, graphs, quizes, world-wide polls, and more.


  1. John V. Karavitis First off, let me thank you for creating a splendid blog. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Now, in re this particular post: I've read Fred Singer's "Unstoppable Global Warming - Every 1,500 Years", and I am thankful for it. His book is a calm voice of reason in a raging tempest of lunacy regarding the earth's climate. The Sun drives our weather/climate, not Man. I'm glad to see that Fred Singer and others have taken yet another brave step toward educating people about the truth of our climate. Thank you! John V. Karavitis

  2. What about for android?

    I have an evo.

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