Thursday, July 01, 2010

Vondra and Palin: Obama's foreign policy is enemy-centric

A few hours ago, Sarah Palin published an interesting text on her Facebook page:
Sarah Palin: Peace through strength and American pride vs. “enemy-centric” policy
She echoes the talk by Alexander Vondra - a former dissident (whose nickname, Saša Vondra, sounded a bit funny whenever I heard it from the Radio Free Europe during communism) and the defense minister in the new Czech government - given at the Atlantic Council one month ago:
Transcript, event's root page

The audio recording is 1+ hour long.

Vondra has been the minister for EU affairs, the ambassador to the U.S., and so on. Although he thinks of himself as a loud person, he surely represents the ultimate uncontroversial mainstream in the contemporary Czech foreign policy so you should better not ignore such voices.

I do agree with Vondra and Palin that Obama's foreign policy is enemy-centric. The enemies are what he really seems to care. And he probably wants to make them the best friends of the U.S. That's perverse. Such a policy undermines the friendship with the traditional allies and weakens the vital interests of the U.S. citizens.

Quite genenerally, Czech politicians were recently successful in inventing ideas and promoting slogans and quotes that the conservative U.S. politicians and pundits found worth repeating. Of course, in this respect, Václav Klaus remains the thinker-in-chief.

However, a few hours ago, Karl Rove also wrote the article
Obama and the Fiscal 'Road to Hell'
in the Wall Street Journal where he borrowed the words of the former Czech PM, Mirek Topolánek, about the "road to hell" describing the latest U.S. fiscal policies. Topolánek had given the speech in the EU Parliament in 2009.

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