Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hawking: To boldly go: my life in physics

Stephen Hawking - who just returned to England from a short-term tenure in Waterloo - wrote an extensive, wise, and amusing review of his past thinking and intellectual achievements for the Cosmos, the "magazine of the year":
To boldly go: my life in physics (8 web pages)
There's absolutely no reason to think about it now - but Hawking has already proposed a formula for his tombstone. It's the black hole entropy, "S = k A c^3 / 4 G hbar".

Well, Hawking may want to check whether he's compatible with Judaism if a committee decided that he has to share the future tombstone - and tomb - with Jacob Bekenstein.


  1. Hawkings is quite the theoretical paradox. I mean he unfortunately has a disability that should have undid him long ago- yet it is relative, a living example of Feynman's idea near the surface of a black hole. From his viewpoint it is over in a minute or so but from ours his evaporation takes forever. Now maybe he can answer for us at some point in space time if the quantum cat can be both there and not there at the same time.

    The PeSla

  2. You make a thinly veiled accusation that Dr. Motl was being anti-semitic, and then cry foul when he calls you for what you are? Are you a complete idiot?You're a horrible liar, and nowhere near intelligent enough to be playing with fire.