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IAC verdict on IPCC: leadership shouldn't work on 2nd report

During the press conference at 10 a.m. New York Summer Time, the IAC panel has recommended all 8 top IPCC leaders to work on 1 report only, among other things to increase transparency and impartiality. The IAC reviewers have also recommended a new external board of overseers to supervise the IPCC. The IPCC has been successful but fundamental changes are needed, they say. Shapiro said that the GlacierGate and others have unequivocally dented the trust of the IPCC. Trust is something one has to earn again and again.

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Rajendra Pachauri was elected in 2002 and re-elected for his second term in 2008. However, when asked whether the one-term IAC recommendation also implies that Pachauri should resign, Princeton's ex-president Prof Shapiro answered that it was too difficult a logical problem for him to solve so he has to leave the "interpretation" to others.

Well, that's how the Tuesday son puzzle would end up if I allowed the solution to be open to "interpretations" instead of logic, too.

When Shapiro discussed the IPCC errors such as GlacierGate that are dedicated some chapters in the IAC review, a lady from Al Jazeera asked whether he was not afraid that it could be interpreted as that he thinks that the IPCC has made some errors. Her eyes hinted that her Islamist and leftist friends could perform a terrorist attack against the IAC. But Shapiro didn't quite collapse although he clearly tried to appease the PC lady a bit.

In the IAC panel's opinion, the errors occurred because the IPCC did not obey its own guidelines - so the guidelines might be enough in their opinion.

Completely different words sounded an hour later

At 11 a.m. New York Summer Time, Pachauri has glorified himself, making catastrophic climate science look more worshiped than ever. He has read some comment from a jerk or two who has worship him. When Pachauri was asked whether he would respect the IAC recommendation and resign, he said that his interpretation was that it was forward-looking and for Pachauri personally, it's a mission he can't leave so "we will see". ;-)

Another IPCC apparatchik said that the IAC review - that has previously claimed that the scandals have dented the credibility of the IPCC has - shown that the IPCC's credibility is stronger than ever. :-) That's the "interpretation" by the IPCC logic.
Key fresh links (explanation below):
U.N. webcast (with Dijkgraaf, Shapiro, and others): LIVE; began at 10 a.m. New York Summer Time; continues from 11 a.m. (with Pachauri et al.)
IAC report website
IAC: web page about & before the release
IAC: web page about & after the release
Older text written before the press conference

In March, Prof Robbert Dijkgraaf, a boss of the InterAcademy Council (IAC), was asked to investigate the methods underlying the work of the IPCC.
Robbert Dijkgraaf will review the IPCC
Robbert Dijkgraaf: ClimateGate unrelated to the IPCC
Princeton ex-president chairs the meta-IPCC panel
So he and his colleagues have chosen a meta-panel that has been reviewing the work of the IPCC for six months. Many of us have expected and expect that this IAC meta-review would be just another whitewash. But we couldn't really know for sure. We will learn the truth today.
BBC: UN climate change panel to face Himalaya error verdict
Ban Ki-moon will receive the IAC report, apparently focusing on the GlacierGate as key evidence of the IPCC's malfunctioning (well, the whole "juicy" portion of the IPCC report is made out of similar "material"), today in New York.

The following title used by Australia's ABC unequivocally answers the question whether the United Nations themselves were intending to build an impartial panel that would find the right answer about the IPCC's work whatever it is:
UN hopes science review eases climate scepticism
As you can see, there is no glimpse of honesty in the work of the United Nations. By the way, an Indian Wall Street Journal blog includes the IAC report among the two most important events of week, together with the new Indian GDP figures:
The Week Ahead: Report on IPCC, GDP Figures
The Hindustan Times propagate rumors that the report will not even call for the resignation of the IPCC's most famous scammer and liar, Rajendra Pachauri:
Pachauri likely to get away with mild rap
It would be just like the Nuremberg trials that would be evaluating the Nazi era but that wouldn't tell Adolf Hitler to resign.

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a body jsou?

Need for new climatic theory and models:
Lack of generally agreed foundational principles (some people perception)
Verbal arguments about the AGW processe tend to be ‘just so stories’...ok
Designing a model forces to make assumptions very precise, and that is not the present case
Outcome of simulations is not always as expected, but some have
prediction of events

Pachauri oslavil sám, a není-li, if you have Pachuri or another one, that going to do the same thing,, is a good propaganda man
and is needed
practical results none.... katastrofické klimatické if you dont believe in alterations ok
this is not a geophilosophy
twelve days ago a ice chunk of 15 cubic km , are melting and floating in areas with small changes in the last thousand years
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nobody is going to stop the AGW process, and if some are going to make a bundle with it
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bad or good leadership, a Pall Einarson or Pachauri it's the same
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you are a theorist...
never made a nice walking in the arctic summer ice...this is
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been rising since that time and the newest reading is -1.333. At any rate, the Arctic has returned to a "shortage of ice" while the Antarctic sea ice boasts the good old tendency to grow. It's currently at +1.337 - so the total global sea ice anomaly is actually positive again, despite the warm global mean temperatures.

Imagine that. Several decades of news reports about armageddon and melting ice and after 30 years, we're exactly where we were in 1980. ;-),,,
god you are a true believer
distorting data
the armageddon is far away
the grain and cotton prices are going high
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i like Karel Čapek and válka s mloky, a dead český is more insightful than a live czesc kech
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