Monday, August 16, 2010

Israel should and probably will strike Iran

George Will has joined those who find it sensible for Israel to strike Iran:
Israel's Netanyahu poised to take out Iran's nuclear sites
I completely agree with his analysis. Israel is threatened from many more directions than it used to be some time ago. But it also has the capacity, knowledge, experience, and wisdom to defend itself. The ability of the Jews to defend themselves - in similar ways as other nations - was the very reason why many of our ancestors helped to create Israel six decades ago.

I am proud that in 1947-1949, Czechoslovakia has peacefully sent a military aid to Israel including 25 Avia S-199 fighters (aircrafts), 61 supermarine spitfire MK IX fighters (aircraft), 34,500 P18 rifles, 5,515 MG34 machine guns, 10,000 bayonets vz.24, 900 vz. 37 heavy machine guns, 500 vz. 27 pistols, 12 ZK-383 submachine guns, 10 ZK 420 semi-automatic rifles, 500 vz. 26 light machine guns, 90 million 7.92 x 57 mm cartridges, 15 million Parabellum cartridges, and 900,000 cartridges of three more types.

That's what I call a meaningful and lasting contribution to peace in the Middle East - and not just hypocritical words. ;-)

Prime minister Netanyahu should attack the Iranian nuclear sites to defend itself not only from the future nuclear attacks but also from the growing military and "blackmailing" power of Iran that can increase the pressures to delegitimize the very existence of Israel and its right for self-defense.

In fact, there currently exists a huge, literally international coalition that finds it OK to delegitimize the very existence of Israel. Netanyahu should indirectly attack all these people as well. He should show them that their spitting on the Jews' basic rights may have consequences and that they're no longer as safe as the people spitting on the Jews used to be 70 years ago. Such an operation carries some risks. But the Israeli officials know much more about the costs and benefits of various risky decisions in their life.

While they never try to engineer a confrontation just for the sake of it, they almost certainly know about the risks of no action. I am confident that they know that it doesn't help them to play a peaceful guy who sits in the corner. The actual driver of Israel's foes is anti-Semitism and a general hatred against the prosperous capitalist Israeli civilization within the relatively uncivilized Muslim ocean. So the negative sentiments won't go away just because Israel won't act. That's why Israel shouldn't pay too much attention to the people across the world who criticize such an action.

Also, it's often being said that such an attack will "only" delay the Iranian nuclear ambitions by 3-5 years. I think that the word "only" is completely unreasonable in the case of Israel. Some other nations that were never asked to face any serious difficulties could be disappointed if they only received 3-5 safe years from a military operation. However, 3-5 relatively safe years for Israel is a lot of time. After all, the country surely has enough resources to afford such an attack every 3-5 years.

Another issue are the risks that the operation will pose for the Israeli civilians in the case of a military response from Iran and its allies. Well, I am sure that the Israeli officials are thinking about this very serious matter, too.

It's being agreed that Iran is at most 1-2 years from the point when it's able to produce nuclear weapons. I think it doesn't really matter what they say about their plans to use the nuclear energy. In my opinion, we know them and understand their psychology enough to use different, more accurate methods to figure out what they're planning than to believe their words.

It's just bizarre for one of the oil-richest countries in the world to develop nuclear technologies purely for peaceful energetic reasons. And we know what the Iranian leaders are really passionate about.


  1. Just like Finland got a right to defend itself agains brutal aggression by Stalin's Soviet Union 1939-44, even though Churchill and Roosevelt didn't give a damned about democratic tiny nations and sponsored brutal communist dictator.

    And you gotta remember that it was Stalin who did all he can to push Finland asking help from Hitler. Note: finnish jews fought in Finnish Armed Forces, not for Germany but for fatherland against communism terror.

  2. Russia is scheduled to load nuclear fuel rods into Iran's Bushehr reactor on August 21st. Iran has agreed, for whatever that's worth, to IAEA-supervised return of all spent fuel rods back to Russia.

    On August 13th Former Ambassador John Bolton ssid that it will make the reactor "essentially immune" to attack, because an attack would cause a big radiation release. Bolton said (see the YouTube video) that he thought that Israel would not attack during the following eight days (from August 13th) and that Israel had lost the opportunity.

  3. Mr. Will,

    How sweet of you to post this essay written by an elementary school student. How old was he or she? 6? 7? Such nicely articulated ideas for someone so young.

    You should instruct the young one, however, that aggression and murder are morally wrong, and that they only breed more murder and aggression.

    Precious, the mind of a child.