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Obama and AEP v. Connecticut

As a Senator, Barack Obama had the most leftist voting record among all of his colleagues. Nevertheless, I have always had significant doubts about his genuinely "progressive" thinking.

In fact, I have always believed that his emotions are "moderate" if not "conservative" when it comes to many issues. He had just found it more convenient to march to the political Olymp as a candidate building upon the extreme left wing of the Democrat Party.

It's always hard to decide whether he has his own opinions or whether he's just adjusting them to achieve something else - namely his election and re-election - but assuming that he's considering arguments that go beyond his personal interests, Obama has just shown his conservative face. He and his administration may have helped to save America from an explosion of insane lawsuits against CO2 producers.

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that

Obama Admin Urges Supreme Court to Vacate Greenhouse Gas 'Nuisance' Ruling (click).

Obama et al. want the Supreme Court to abolish a decision of a lower court in AEP v. Connecticut (AEP is a major energy utility) that would allow catastrophic lawsuits against the CO2 producers for their very being CO2 producers - something that irresponsible states led by Connecticut apparently want. To be sure, Obama et al. think that these lawsuits shouldn't be possible anytime soon.

So the environmentalist radicals amusingly whine that they need no enemies if they have friends such as Obama et al. - who is just like Bush et al. - and they're completely right. They hopefully need no enemies because they're extremists of the same kind as the Islamic fundamentalists and the years when they were able to hide their extremist agenda behind the tons of irrational behavior of the mainstream politicians and entrepreneurs may be over.

Bonus I: witch hunts against Alan Carlin

The New York Times partially joined the left-wing witch hunts against Alan Carlin who dared to be both an EPA employee and a global warming skeptic. This 72-year-old economist has also written a 100-page analysis of the issue which was aggressively ignored by his radical environmentalist bosses and would-be bosses at the EPA.

Bonus II: Hillary: U.S. suck

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton et al. has indicted America. Like North Korea, America is a nasty country that violates the human rights and rapes the people in many ways: the State Department has alerted the United Nations.

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snail feedback (3) :

reader Mark said...

Hi Lubos - don't confuse the bureaucrats legal expediency with saneness.

The Obama crew is the most leftist progressive gang in US history - the issue of CO2 reduction will merely be transferred from the States to the EPA - the net effect will be just damaging to the US economy.

Unless of course the grownups take back the Congress in November.

reader cody said...

Concerning the statement, "As a Senator, Barack Obama had the most leftist voting record among all of his colleagues," could you cite your source?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Sure, Cody, see e.g. National Journal: Obama, the most liberal Senator in 2007.

This is not quite "particle physics" rigor but it's arguably the most accurate index in the world that has measured such things about the Senators.