Tuesday, August 03, 2010

RSS AMSU: July 2010 as warm as July 1998

The new RSS AMSU data reveal that the global temperature anomaly in July 2010 was +0.608 °C which is 0.002 °C warmer than those +0.606 °C experienced in July 1998. ;-)

Clearly, a statistical tie.

The first 7 months of 2010 were about 0.07 °C cooler than the first seven months of 1998 (RSS AMSU). Repeating the statistical exercises I did a month ago (with UAH AMSU), we conclude that given the knowledge of the first 7 months, the probability that 2010 will end up being the hottest year on the RSS AMSU satellite record is still close to 10 percent.

The UAH AMSU competitors say that the July 2010 anomaly was +0.49 °C which is 0.03 °C cooler than July 1998 when it was +0.52 °C.