Monday, August 02, 2010

Victoria Electricity rebrands as Lumo Energy

Imagine that your humble correspondent buys Infratil as well as Victoria Electricity, the largest of the second tier Australian electricity retailers.

How would you recommend me to rename the latter company?

Yes, I chose the name Lumo Energy, too. (Twitter, Facebook.) It sounds good and you can always claim that LUMO stands for the Lowest Unoccupied Molecule Orbital rather than Luboš Motl.

I wanted an ad that would make it clear that the company wants to serve its consumers instead of judging them. We don't judge Gavin Schmidt, either. We just couldn't use his image because he could sue us just like his ImaginaryClimate friend Michael Mann. So the compromise can be seen above. ;-)

If you have any problems with your payment, check the Introduction to Lumo Energy Invoice. You may also pay me by PayPal if you go to the individual page of this article and click at "Make a Donation", a button painted by our corporate orange color. :-)

Funny. I have just switched my electricity provider yesterday, too.

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