Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fidel Castro: socialism doesn't work

There used to be times when Fidel Castro would be considered the most left-wing famous person of the Western Hemisphere. Times are changing. The U.S. progressives - of the Daily Kos type - are now vastly more extreme communists than the former Cuban leader.

Following the example of his brother Raul, Fidel gave a sensible answer to the question whether it was a good idea to export the Cuban model to other countries. "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore," he said. Fidel has also criticized Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his anti-Semitism and especially holocaust denial. However, the same criticism could be addressed to the U.S. and some European lefties, too.
AP, others
It's a great achievement for the former Cuban leader to be as quick. He only needed to decimate his previously wealthy country for 51 years before he saw the light. ;-)

It's expected that his words will help his brother Raul to promote some kind of perestroika in Cuba. I actually think that Cuba is not doing too badly for a communist country. For example, its GDP per capita is nearly $10,000, almost a quarter of Florida which would otherwise be comparable.

Obviously, if the Cuban leaders are reading the Reference Frame :-), I recommend them something very different than gradual reforms. I recommend them a Czechoslovak model of shock therapy. They may try to optimize some issues and increase the responsibility of the new owners for their companies.

However, as quick a privatization as possible - with the voucher privatization's (a fraction of stocks may be bought by every citizen, for special "children's money") being a necessary component for the companies that no one else would buy - would be greatly beneficial for Cuba's economic feature.

Now, when the leaders and former leaders already realize that the leftist ideology is a dead end, they may try to revive the enthusiasm from their best years, avoid all kinds of flavorless third routes, and build capitalism and democracy of a textbook type. With Obama in the White House, Cuba has finally received a nonzero chance to overtake America. ;-)

Update: Some sources claim that Castro was speaking about the U.S. economy, not about the Cuban economy, when he said it no longer works. I don't really know what happened so please be aware that both interpretations may turn out to be right.


  1. First comment?

    Socialism never practically exists, although still claimed followed by P. R. China. China in fact adopted the phrase "socialism with Chinese characteristics". And as I perceive Cuba is as practical as China. By practical I mean for all those nations which historically did not naturally follow the "capitalism" pattern of development of the western countries, they should follow themselves. Although there may be some universal human nature among all people on this planet, different culture still had different choices. However the left-behinds did not have the time to choose during the war age, 20th century. US constantly applies pressure on Cuba and China not simply because they are socialism country -- it is not important --but because these are cultures that will not obey the existing rule of the current international ecology (where the US prevails). So it is very important for them to be very honest and rational in order to find a way out which works for their cultures and belief.

  2. I think you're missing the point about socialism-communism. It does work. It's great for subjugating the sheeple and eliminating liberties. Killing excess citizens who are past their usefulness is also part of the socialist-communist agenda. The whole purpose of socialism-communism is control over the masses so a select elite group can live in royalty. Just check out how the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Troika lives.

    Robert Heiney

  3. Castro is just after money, don't fall for his claim that Socialism is a failure. He is trying to reopen the dialogue for renewing relations between the US and Cuba. It's a bear trap that will only enrich him and the ruthless socialist cabal under his leadership. There is no semblance of individual freedom or private property rights in Cuba. Castro still rules with an iron fist and will not step down. Don't fall for this false claim.

  4. Castro is after money. Don't fall for his rhetoric. He lies just to try and reopen dialogue between the US and Cuba. There is no private property rights nor individual freedom or democratic elections in Cuba. He still rules with an iron fist and will not relent one bit unless it profits him personally. Communists don't just give up, they don't know how to share power. Don't fall for the bear trap of empty rhetoric. Until he actually declares socialism over and lets people live freely its all BS