Friday, September 17, 2010

Global climate disruption: Holdren orders new terminology

John Holdren, Obama's science adviser - the advocate of de-development of the U.S. who currently advises the president about the best ways to destroy the last traces of science in Obama's establishment - has decided that the terms "global warming" and "climate change" were no longer sufficiently pornographic and they didn't excite enough fear.

So ladies and gentlemen, the new name of the game prescribed by the boss is
global climate disruption

See: Fox News, others
So far, the new term only has 15 hits, three orders of magnitude below the rate of "global warming" and "climate change". But all the AGW propagandists should realize that Holdren is their general, he thinks that global warming is a "dangerous misnomer", this is his order, and they should therefore better watch their tongue. ;-)

We will see the fate of this new order. My guess is that Johnny Desperate, as Anthony Watts called him, will fail. When he does, he may try an even better term: a "lethal man-made decay of the Universe". ;-)

You know, "climate change" and "global warming" were uninspiring but they were at least based on some data. "Global climate disruption" is based on no data. The patterns of the global climate remain identical to what they were in the last 10,000 years or millions of years. For example, last month, I showed graphs from the whole world that imply that temperature variations have not been increasing.

Holdren has borrowed the term "global climate disruption" from Mr Ivan Rynda, a self-described social scientist, who came totally drunk to the Czech Public TV in 2007 (wine) and tried to defend AGW and to attack President Klaus. The video above have become a classic.

The sentence "Global not warming but global climate disruption is a really, really, serious problem; that's clear and everyone has confirmed it and the only exception is represented by Václav Klaus; ask me another question please" appears as early as at 1:00. At 2:45, he repeats that "what is really at stake is the disruption of the climate." He adds that he calls it a "disruption" because it was caused by Man.

There's no doubt that if Holdren had some scientific integrity, he would credit a Czech drunk social scientist for his ideas. There have probably been many even more drunk people who have found their ideas long before them. :-)

The interview with Mr Rynda ended in the middle of a sentence of Mr Rynda when the host apologized that his program has to be shorter today because of "understandable reasons". ;-)


  1. Well if at first you don't succeed, lower the bar. Defining the 4 sigma outliers in a weather time series as "disruptions" automatically creates the situation you're predicting - by definition.

    Deny that deniers!!

  2. Actually, I would suggest an even more repulsive term:
    "Global Climate Bang"
    That should scare the living shit out of everybody !

  3. To me, he looks and acts like a deranged homeless individual shouting delusional nonsense at passers-by on the street.

    I wonder how he ever came to be "science adviser to the President"