Monday, September 13, 2010

John Horgan tries to attack Stephen Hawking

The arrogance and aggressiveness of pompous imbeciles is approximately inversely proportional to their wisdom. Within the classical approximation, this unfortunate law may be probed at the singular point, too. If the wisdom goes to zero, the arrogance diverges.

One of the best examples of this singularity is an übercrackpot called John Horgan who is infamous especially for his book named "The End of Science" in which he argued that science has ended in 1996. ;-)

Scientific American has allowed this nutcase to post his disgusting rants within the domain and he uses this opportunity generously. His writings have already led almost all readers with IQ above 70 to unsubscribe from their feed but Scientific American seems to be obsessively participating in Horgan's mission, too. So they don't care. They apparently want to become a reading for the total bottom of the society.

Horgan's new "friendly article" is called
Cosmic Clowning: Stephen Hawking's "new" theory of everything is the same old CRAP
Yes, he starts by earning five points according to the capitalization #7 rule of the crackpot index and I guess that someone else had to correct his spelling of Hawking, "Hawkins", too.

In the text, the übercrackpot tries to disprove all of modern high-energy physics by the following "arguments":
  • Stephen Hawking possesses the "perpetual Mick Jagger smirk"
  • Hawking is a comic performance artist
  • His wife has divorced him partly because Hawking doesn't worship any religious cults
  • M-theory is related to string theory
  • The Planck energy is larger than what Horgan's tiny peabrain can swallow
  • Hawking "called" Horgan's book, "The End of Science", by the word "garbage"
The last argument is arguably the main driver that has led Horgan to write this rant.

As you can see, Horgan's rant is nothing else than a flow of ad hominem attacks from a mentally defective dwarf directed against one of the greatest theoretical physicists of our generations.

If you realize that the target is Stephen Hawking and you notice what kind of disgusting physical attacks are being invented against Hawking and how difficult it is for Hawking to defend himself, you can't disagree with the fact that Horgan's parents failed to educate him as a teenager because the only morally appropriate amount of thrashing of their son they should have applied would have divided his organs into many pieces and moved him into a cemetery. As educators, his parents have failed miserably.

Let's make some things clear here.

Hawking did not discover the fact that Horgan's book was pure garbage. Every person who has dedicated at least 20 seconds to studying the content of the book and whose IQ exceeds 70 must know that it was garbage - and Stephen Hawking has just innocently mentioned this self-evident fact. People with IQ above 90 should even be able to enumerate a dozen of important scientific breakthroughs in science after 1996. ;-)

In fact, everyone who has read at least 5 texts by Mr Horgan should be able to figure out that Horgan himself is a pile of garbage.

You may see that Horgan hates Hawking for his revelation of the obvious "taboo" that Horgan's work is nothing else than trash so much that he is ready to join any "allies" to sling mud against Hawking. So while he tries to argue that he considers scientific reasoning to be more valuable than religion, he immediately joins up with Hawking's ex-wife in the sentiment that Hawking is a heretic if he dares to have no respect for the institution of religion.

What a heresy such an attitude must be in the 21st century! ;-)

Horgan also repeats many of the delusions of his fellow crackpots such as Swolins and Smoits. The Planck energy is oh so great so physics surely cannot work. Well, the Planck energy is "sqrt(hbar.c^5/G)". A priori, it could have been any value but it is whatever it is and the value has physical consequences. Indeed, unification almost certainly occurs at a high energy scale, relatively to the accessible energies - a fact that physicists can easily prove. A number's being large cannot make science impossible - except for the people who were incapable to follow science in the first place.

Horgan also criticizes Hawking for his blasphemous talks about a theory of all fundamental interactions. That must be a lethal blasphemy, indeed! He even accuses M-theory of being a generalization of string theory. That must be a true crime for a theory to be the most complete theory of the physical world that the mankind has ever had (and, most likely, that the mankind will ever have).

I just find it amazing that Scientific American that used to be a good popular scientific magazine seems to be willing to openly associate itself with this nasty parody of a human being and a fanatically obsessed hater of science. It is atrocious that Scientific American allows a worthless jerk whose contributions to science and the human society are equal to zero to personally attack a top physicist and to make these attacks look like a polemic among two peers.

I am scared of all societies and communities where it becomes taboo to state the obvious fact that relatively e.g. to Stephen Hawking, the likes of Horgan are just pieces of shit. From Hawking's perspective, the only silver lining of hateful diatribes such as Horgan's one is that they may help The Grand Design to stay at the #1 spot of the bestseller list a little big longer. ;-)

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