Friday, September 03, 2010

Sheldon Cooper FTW: Jim Parsons won Emmy

Steve Heston has just informed me about something that happened last week and that I have completely missed. Jim Parsons won an Emmy for the best lead actor in comedy series! No Bazinga here. Dr Sheldon Cooper for the win. ;-)

Here is his, somewhat uncharacteristically unscientific, acceptance speech:

I always feel a bit strange if I partly congratulate myself. But Parsons gave the role in The Big Bang Theory much more than just myself. ;-) So congratulations! This first Emmy for a string theorist is a hugely deserved award.

Knock knock knock. Penny?
Knock knock knock. Penny?
Knock knock knock. Emmy! :-)

Some comments in the media:
Why Fame: Parsons beats Baldwin and Carell!
CNN: Sheldon super hot on Web
Variety: Jim Parsons' Big Break

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  1. You do deserve congratulations. You're both scathing and fun, and you win a trifecta with bone-deep anti-communism, which seems omitted from the TV show, at least in the scenes that I've seen online. Yes, your genius counts too, and please keep on being educational and, for example, elaborating your philosophy-of-science perspective. A kind of duality between simplicity and likeliness which you've discussed is interesting and I've been meaning to ask you whether you hit upon it yourself or is it common wisdom of some kind (unknown to amateur me of course).