Friday, October 29, 2010

Al Gore's car idling during his talk

The Swedes are wealthy and they like their environment to be really clean. That's why the local legislation prohibits any car engine running on empty for more than 60 seconds.

But you know, the folks in Gothenburg invited a speaker who doesn't give a damn about the environment or the laws, for that matter. That's why Al Gore left his car idling during his whole talk - for 3,600 seconds or so.

And he has the arrogance to talk about pollution. This hypocritical jerk should clearly be arrested at least for 60 years. But it seems that the laws no longer apply to him. He seems to be innocent because he also replaced the public transportation by a Swedish government jet he flew - which was actually illegal as well.

There is only one explanation why the laws don't apply to him: he is no longer a human being from the viewpoint of the law. Well, he is not human from my viewpoint, either. So let me ceremoniously strip him of the human rights now. Please feel free to deal with him accordingly.

Via Climate Depot, Sify, Prison Planet