Wednesday, October 13, 2010

APS thinks that Tawanda may teach physics to Hal Lewis

A few days ago, Harold Lewis wrote a very thoughtful resignation letter to the current chairman of the American Physical Society, Curtis Callan.

In the letter, he has recalled some better times when the American Physical Society actually allowed and encouraged the physicists to use their expertise, creativity, honesty, and intelligence to discuss important matters related to science.

The current APS is very different. Most people in its leadership are corrupt and they deliberately try to suppress any debate about questions that would be financially or "socially" harmful to these individuals - and global warming has become a key topic of this kind.

Yesterday, the APS has answered to Dr Hal Lewis in a way that I consider breathtakingly arrogant and dishonest.

First of all, the answer to the important letter by a serious scientist was apparently composed by a secretary, a bureaucrat called Tawanda Johnson. Or is it a coincidence that she is signed under the reply and that the quality of the text suggests that indeed, no scientist was involved?

Needless to say, she has no clue about science or research and it is self-evident that she is employed just and purely for the money.

After all, the record shows that she has never cared about anything linked to the scientific truth in her life. Her knowledge of physics is closer to the knowledge of an average dog than the knowledge of Dr Hal Lewis and, as three APS members at Anthony Watts' blog analyze in detail, her letter is a continuous stream of lies.

Nevertheless, the APS chairman has to think that such a bureaucrat has the credentials to reply to serious letters such as the letter from Dr Hal Lewis. I suppose that in between the lines, it's being assumed that no one will dare to question the credentials of this official to answer to similar correspondence.

Are you serious, Mr Callan, that instead of your own reply to Dr Lewis' points, letters such as Dr Lewis' ones should be "taken care of" by random employees who have nothing to do with science? In an intimidating bureaucratic tone, she is just summarizing some conclusions reached by similarly mindless and incompetent women - and men - in the past. Is this how you imagine scientific debates? Is this how you want the "scientific consensus" to be achieved?

After all, she is both female and black, so who could dare to suggest that she is just a hired gun with no comparative advantages who would have no business to be a relevant part of any serious scientific institution under any normal circumstances? Well, I will surely do that: this woman should be at most a janitor in APS, not a person whose reply is considered "enough" to "neutralize" important messages about the very structure of the APS such as the letter from Dr Lewis. And if you have approved this reply, Mr Callan, I am deeply disgusted by your immoral methods. You just suck.

All of us know why you couldn't have written your own reply: you wouldn't be able to formulate a single sentence that makes any sense because you have been drowning in the liquid excrements of randomly mutated lies for years - and for nearly a year as a chairman. After all, Dr Lewis' letter is completely true yet inconvenient and it would be impossible for you to deny a single letter he wrote. So instead, you tell your bodyguard to deal with the problems - and her answer is good enough for a bodyguard, isn't it?

To make things worse, the dishonest letter is full of the old clichés but also some of the newest kitsch. For example, it says that what is uncertain is just the extent of "climatic disruptions". Clearly, Ms Tawanda is parroting a new idiotic terminology coined by a champion of the state-sponsored mass vasectomy, Mr John Holdren, to mislead the people into thinking that the structure of unusual climatic events has been changing in a uniform direction - and it has surely not.

There has been no "climatic disruption" so the APS cannot possibly be "uncertain" about its extent. The sentence makes no sense.

The worst type of propagandistic garbage is being literally promoted to be a part of texts that are officially being written on behalf of the American Physical Society, the society officially representing a big part of the physics community in the most important country of the world, in science and otherwise. The consensus boils down to similar Tawandas Johnsons - thousands of random, uneducated, yet aggressive Tawandas at every place you may think of. They have no clue but they have completely contaminated the scientific discourse. The political correctness can't hurt, can it? Well, you can see that it can. Real physicists simply suffer when trying to co-exist with this corrupt stuff that shouldn't be in the discipline at all.

It just makes me vomit. Mr Callan, you are now on par with the representatives of the Aryan Physics or any other totalitarian arrangement in the history that was suppressing proper scientific etiquette within the national scientific communities.


  1. I fully agree with the way you feel about the APS statement but think you seriously damage your position by unnecessary comments about the spokesperson (particularly her skin colour - why is that of any relevance?)

  2. Dear ray, thanks for your comment. Concerning the point you (and others) find controversial, I have made sure that the word "black" only appears once in the article.

    But I won't erase the last occurrence because I do think it is a part of the mechanisms and indeed, it was a part of the reason why I wrote about this topic in the first place. So it was no typo that this comment has appeared in the blog entry.

    Women, blacks, and other minorities are being systematically hired to do similar dirty job - to stifle the discussion about important topics because given the non-free atmosphere of political correctness in the U.S., almost no one would dare to disagree with them, being afraid of possible charges of racism.

    It is not quite a coincidence that this is what's going on - and these non-coincidences play a huge role in the suppression of the debate about important matters. And in some sense, the dirty work that the "minorities" are pushed to do - by folks such as Callan - is dirtier than what many of their ancestors did on the Southern slaveowners' fields.

    At least I think that working hard to suppress any debate about the climate in the APS or to insult a veteran physicist with a hostile, intimidating, political-styled reply to his important letter is a dirtier job than to collect potatoes or whatever one could do in the past. In this sense, the racism has become worse with the expansion of the political correctness.

    After a decade in the U.S., be sure that I have noticed that political correctness is not restricted to the far-left "progressives". But the fact that many Republicans worship it as well doesn't mean that it is automatically legitimized. At least for me, it's surely not.

    Please try to understand that I, my ancestors, or my nation, for that matter, have never held any slaves or anything of the kind. We've been mostly suppressed. Although it wasn't that bad, the suppression wasn't too different from that of other (often colored) nations from colonies and similar places, so if some people with English or other "imperial" ancestors play their games to regulate their feeling of guilt, could they please kindly notice that despite my or my countrymates' skin color, I/we have no feeling of guilt and no reason to participate in such a dumb game?

    Thank you very much. ;-)

  3. vyborny odpoved, lubose--moje manzelka je ceska-americka a rika casto ze je to blby jak nikdo tady (v americe) nechape ze nema kazdy, kdo je "bily", pra-prarodice kteri byli majiteli otroku.

    But more generally, I agree with you 100% on the significance of the (ongoing) trend in the USA, in which racism is seen as having potentially influenced any white person who publicly states a disagreement with any non-white person. Yes, such "potential" is always present; but the troubling aspect of this trend is how racism is presumed to have been a likely influence in such cases, and perhaps even the real source of the disagreement.

    It is sickening to watch this trend play out in the American political discourse, where its full force has been plainly evidenced; but it holds the potential to wreak particular damage upon scientific discourse. The APS's use of "Tawanda" to respond to Lewis's letter provides a perfect example of the growing, highly disturbing convergence of science and politics--the very convergence, in fact, which Lewis had bemoaned in his original letter to APS.

  4. Dear wdf, if you're not Czech yourself, your Czech at the beginning of the comment is impressive!

    Otherwise, I totally agree with you and your wife. Every person from a mostly white nation that had no slaves eventually has to have the same feeling.

    Some people of English and similar descent may feel badly - they feel guilt because of what their ancestors did. So they may play various games, trying to "compensate" something from their history. I don't have a clue whether I would be tempted to do similar things if our nation were a nation of eternal oppressors. ;-) (Which, of course, none of the European nations has ever been in any "clear" way.)

    However, knowledge of history - which is unfortunately largely absent - should tell those people that if someone has a white skin, it doesn't mean that he has anything to do with those feelings of guilt. The reverse racism has simply no justification for us. It's racism just like any other racism. In many historical respects, we're closer to the blacks.

    And yes, the racial note is being raised and hypothesized a reason for everyone's acts way too often. Of course, it's bogus in virtually all cases. In particular, more than 90% of my arguments on the Internet (and of course in reality, if any) are arguments with white males :-) so it's just silly to suggest that I am selectively looking for "minority" targets or something like that.

    This is true for almost all others, too. I criticize Tawanda's acts exactly because I treat her as a full-fledged holder of her job, not just as an a priori mindless black decoration which is clearly what the people who say that she's irrelevant and therefore uncriticizable have in mind.

    She clearly has an important enough job if she can determine the answers of the most powerful nation's physical society to an important letter from a former member. That's why her acts should be looked at by everyone who cares.

  5. "I, my ancestors, or my nation, for that matter, have never held any slaves or anything of the kind."

    Serfdom wasn't much better, and lasted a lot longer.