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BBC told to be impartial on AGW

Benny Peiser of The GWPF sent us some interesting articles today:

BBC new guidelines try to make their reporting of AGW impartial (The Telegraph): well, we will see how the same people - many of whom are unhinged green fanatics - may suddenly become impartial

Is the BBC eco-tourism coming to an end? (The Guardian blogs): Chilean miners defeated reports from climate talks

U.K. Government report kills some green semi-government offices (Click Green)

Physicist mocks global warming scam (The Australian): responses to Hal Lewis' letter

Pachauri keeps on dragging the IPCC to the bottom of the sea (glub glub, Reuters): a Brezhnev asked to start the perestroika of the panel

Guardian blogger Robbins vs The Register (The Register): he said she said on the role of the Sun

Some interesting links from Willie Soon:
Climate crusaders should welcome intense scrutiny, space on TV, not to shit into their pants like Mike Mann: it has helped many (First Things)

Barney Frank, Dem candidate, takes a private jet for fun (Boston Herald)

Michael Mann replies to Joe Barton again (Bad Astronomy of Phil Plait is of course ready to publish arbitrarily bad garbage from Mr Mann, even garbage that was too stinky even for the Washington Post to be published)

Carbon Trust U.K. began jihad against bicycles in their company (Copenhagenize: because private jets are safer for those who are saving the planet from CO2 emissions)

Pacific Legal Foundation sues EPA over CO2 and endangerment (YouTube)

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