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CMS SUSY group working hard

As director of research and computing at CERN, Bertolucci, confirmed to Alpinekat, supersymmetry rocks. We're stil looking forward to the 2nd blog on planet Earth aside from TRF that will take notice. ;-)

At the time when the LHC detectors have collected over 10/pb of data each (actually 16.7/pb by today), Maria Spiropulu - whom you may know from The Elegant Universe on PBS - gave a very useful talk (PDF) about SUSY searches of the CMS collaboration in Split: it doesn't mean that it was a talk about split SUSY! :-)

The concentration of expectations and possible excitement may be maximized between now and the point when the LHC will have acquired about 100/pb of data - sometimes at the end of the year or in early 2011. The detector has so far created about 2 million W bosons, 0.6 million Z bosons, 2,000 top quarks, 100-200 Higgs bosons, and 20 gluino pairs if the gluino mass is near 500 GeV.

Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector

Searches based on missing transverse energy as well as those without missing transverse energy are underway. So far it seems that my sociological predictions hold and they manage to understand the backgrounds pretty much immediately. New channels and possible signals are realized every week.

A candidate event with a scalar superpartner mass of 200 GeV or so and a fermionic superpartner around 160 GeV is shown. If these hints were real, the five-sigma discovery would require 250/pb of data and could occur in Spring 2011.

Hat tip: Josh

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