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Solar panels return to the White House

This is a Nobel prize week so let us look at one story from the everyday life of Nobel prize winners.

Peace Nobel prize winner Barack Obama decided to show his appreciation for the newest 21st century technologies. So he will decorate the White House with the same gadgets that his fellow peace Nobel prize winner Jimmy Carter installed in 1979: solar panels.

See The Telegraph and others

Jimmy Carter is checking that his solar panels are heating the Sun and returning the energy we have borrowed from our star so that the life of our Solar System is sustainable. Meanwhile, his subordinated colleagues are impressed by Carter's knowledge of science: Carter looks like a professional physician. ;-)

Later, Ronald Reagan has removed the panels. While Reagan's peace Nobel prize was given to Mikhail Gorbachev, he had another virtue relatively to Jimmy Carter, one that also has "some" value for the U.S. presidents: unlike Carter, he was actually a great president.

Obama originally didn't want to install the solar panels. But because the 156th most influential environmental website called Green Fascist, or Grist (click) for short, wrote that "environmentalists need a new president" because Obama hasn't installed any solar panels atop the White House which proves "his unwillingness or inability to confront our great planetary crisis", Barack has changed his mind and decided to install the panels, after all.

Another fellow peace Nobel prize winner, Al Gore, is also urging Obama to drill holes around the White House because the interior of the Earth is extre-hehehe-mely hot, several million degrees. You may think that several millions of degrees of warming is even more than 0.6 °C of warming which has caused the global climate disruption. But you shouldn't forget that the geothermal degrees are "friendly, environmentalist degrees".

At any rate, I think that the White House is a sufficiently important political and historical building that it shouldn't be polluted by similar kitsch. Clearly, the amount of energy that they will produce - if measured in dollars - is completely negligible relatively to the White House budget.

The president's promotion of this fad is just another signal for the people: you should be working on it regardless of any historical or aesthetic or other values. But feel no pressure: it's your own choice.

Meanwhile, EPA has awarded $1.9 million to 76 eco-terrorist groups whose very goal is to deny the existing laws and justice and replace them by new fascist laws that will be imposed by the self-appointed champions of the new "environmental justice", one that has nothing to do with justice as we have known it for centuries.

Under normal conditions, EPA should co-operate with other parts of the U.S. government in fighting against these illegal activities. However, the EPA itself has been thoroughly contaminated by environmental activists who don't care about the law and justice - and these "insiders" are transferring the taxpayers' money directly to their fellow eco-terrorists' pockets.

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